Building the Art Shed

Art Shed internal Art Shed external

The Art Shed is now complete and available for use by guests. It is stocked with a variety of materials and equipment so that guests can just have a go.

Art Shed internal Art Shed internal

Read about the history of the project below ...

Construction work on our new Art Shed is now complete (apart from a few snagging items) and landscaping and fitting out works are underway. Despite the frosty mornings, the inside of the building has been kept warm by underfloor heating fed from the nearby Hen Runs. We're now landscaping the whole area around the Art Shed to provide easy access and to be low maintenance. Furniture and material are starting to arrive to equip the interior and we're asking Community and staff to try it all out during January before we open it to guests.

Art Shed in the frost Art Shed in the frost

Clad and watertight

All the glazing is now fitted and our contractors took full advantage of last week's fine weather to fit all the larch cladding to the exterior of the Art Shed. Just the details around the window and door openings to be completed. The first fix electrics have been done and work has started on fitting the internal insulation - with underfloor heating and all this insulation it should be a cosy space!


Nearly weathertight

The construction of the Art Shed is continuing apace. We have been blessed with mainly good weather so the walls and roof are up and all the window and door frames are in. The glazing has been fitted to three sides of the building and the four double-glazed units for the two huge patio doors are due to be installed during week commencing 3 October. The final roof covering is partly done and the walls are ready for their external larch cladding. We're now finalising the layout for all the electrics and plumbing so that the first fix can be done.


Work in progress

We have selected a local company Creative Garden Studios to do the construction work. From the Sheldon team Andrew is the one overseeing all the practicalities of the build. If all goes well it will be completed in early November. Rhian is busy putting together lists of the furnishings (tables, chairs, storage units for materials, etc) and art materials (paints, clay, paper, pens, pastels, etc) to get it equipped over the winter. 

We plan to have everything ready for guests to enjoy using by February 2017.


Why an Art Shed?

Messy play is just as important for grown ups as it is for children. The trouble is, once we grow up we tidy up, worry about making a mess, and in the process we often accidentally close down our imaginations. A really valuable part of coming on retreat is the opportunity to re-engage our creative imaginations, especially when we're feeling 'stuck' with problems, or we're in a phase of transition, or there are decisions to make and we're not sure which path to take. It's often amazing how quickly and fruitfully a shift in perception or knowing can take place, providing fresh insights and something tangible to hold on to for the onward journey.

Where and what?

We've chosen the site for the Art Shed just below the Hen Runs, and designed for purpose

  • tucked in a quiet private corner with a view across the hills and plenty of large windows for natural light
  • easy to organise heating, electrics, drainage etc so we can have it well heated and plenty of hot water on tap
  • satisfy planning constraints in a grade two listed setting, single storey with a simple wood-clad exterior to blend in

Giving to the Art Shed

The total budget for the project is £75,000. Pat Crawshaw and Mary Thoms generously left money to Sheldon in their wills, and we have allocated £40,000 to the Art Shed in their memory. However, we still need to raise the remaining £35,000. It's 2 years since Sheldon has run a building appeal - that must be a record!

Please would you consider making a donation towards this project?

If you are already registered on our website you can just login and make a donation straight away. And this page gives you all the other ways you can donate. So whether you want to give a large window (£5,000) or a set of paints (£15) we really appreciate your support.

Don't we have art facilities already?

For many years we've had 'Takeaway Art Play" boxes available in the Library for guests to use. And in the cupboard under the stairs in the Long Barn are boxes of poster paints, bags of clay, etc which come out when retreat leaders want to create playful opportunities within their programmes.  But until now we've not had a dedicated space that anyone staying at Sheldon can just come and use whenever they want. 

That's why we're so excited about this project.