The Sheldon Community

Members of the Community make Sheldon our home as well as our place of work. We try to live by a simple rule of life with 3 major themes

  • Stability
  • Servanthood
  • Stewardship

The Community came into its present form in 1991 when the Society of Mary and Martha bought Sheldon, although many of us have lived and worked at Sheldon for longer. The current members of the Community are

  • Hillary Hanson - Cellarer
  • Sarah Horsman - Warden
  • Jan Kaye - Housekeeper
  • Carl Lee - Lay Chaplain
  • Sue Lee - Shop Manager
  • Andrew Lane - Technical Administrator
  • Rhian Lane - Assistant Cellarer

Tim and Claire Waller, with their daughters Isabelle and Matilda, are living as Alongsiders testing their vocation to longer term Community membership. Tim is part of the Cellarer team and Claire works on the Admin team.

Our working life centres around care for guests at Sheldon and much of that involves care for Sheldon as a place and putting food on the table. We try to live the charism of servanthood in all our dealings, an approach that includes - but also goes beyond - "being of service". For many of us, the roles we fulfil at Sheldon are very different from those we had in previous employment. We have been entrusted with the care of a beautiful place, and it is thanks to the generosity of many people that we are enabled to run Sheldon and support ourselves. We endeavour to live good stewardship of the skills, time, money, and other resources for which we are responsible.

Each member of the Community is provided with living quarters and we share communal facilities like cars and laundry. We have a Community meeting and meal on Saturday evenings and some other shared meals but most often eat either with guests or individually. Some members are self-supporting and others receive a modest personal allowance. 

Midweek we meet twice a day for prayers in the upstairs chapel and guests are invited to join us. The medieval chapel is open as a place for private prayer and daily intercessions for those who have asked for our prayers. We also have times for prayer that are private to the Community and celebratory Community Feasts to which Friends are invited, including an annual service of Rededication for the year ahead.