Deputy Housekeeper

Please read in conjunction with the overview of joining community

This page just outlines the working role of the Deputy Housekeeper.

Overview of the role

The Housekeeping team are responsible for the 'preparation and serving' of rooms for guests. Sheldon has about 50 beds (25 rooms) in 11 units of self-contained accommodation and 2 larger buildings with kitchens, meeting and dining rooms. The accommodation is used for a wide variety of private retreats (self-catering or stocked larder); our own programme events; and groups hiring Sheldon which may be day or residential, catered or self-catering. As Deputy Housekeeper you will share responsibility for all the work that goes into making sure that each guest is welcomed with a room that is clean and correctly set up for their needs. It will include a mix of office based planning and preparation, hands on practical work including cleaning and stocking larders, and supervising the cleaning team. 

Working relationships

Your line manager will be Jan Kaye (Housekeeper). You will collaborate with other members of the Community, especially department heads, for the smooth running of Sheldon to benefit guests. You will work alongside Deborah Ough (Assistant Housekeeper, with 15 years of service who works 3-4 days/week) and share the supervision of the team of 6 cleaners who work Sunday evening/Monday morning plus Friday morning, plus other irregular hours according to changeover needs. 

How the role looks day to day

Much of your work is responsive to bookings, so you will be regularly updating priorities as things change in the bookings diary (and the trend is towards bookings being confirmed at shorter notice and changing more frequently). You are sufficiently comfortable with computer work to be able to use our bespoke bookings application to look up booking details, run reports, write up work lists and keep records for yourself and others. Big changeover days may involve cleaning and setting up two thirds of the accommodation in the course of a few hours, so some of your work is very time critical and involves close co-operation with other members of your team. There is no single changeover day so smaller units of accommodation may need cleaning and setting up any day of the week. You might do this yourself or set up someone else to do it. 

You enjoy working to high standards and so are well organised keeping a close eye to maintenance and making sure that you stay on top of tasks such as mending, repairing, redecorating or replacing damaged equipment or furnishings. You often have direct contact with group or programme leaders to make sure that meeting rooms are set up and equipped to meet the needs of their activities. Colleagues in Reception will contact you when guests have particular needs during their stay. 

You may also assist other colleagues with tasks such as cooking or gardening, and may have non-housekeeping responsibilities of your own.

Skills required

Practical day to day use of Microsoft Office especially Word and Outlook (emails and calendars) plus basic use of Excel. 

About you and your experience

You enjoy caring for people in a role that is often behind the scenes. You are a good organiser, you have an eye for practical details and are good at fixing things. You have sufficient physical strength and stamina to sustain the carrying and furniture moving in the role, can work at speed when necessary, and are not shy of toilets, drains and other delightful things that need cleaning. You might come to this role from almost any previous walk of life and either have a track record of handling responsibility, or be at a point in your life when you're ready for the next challenge.