Wondering about joining Community?

Here is the information you need to begin the journey.

There are two aspects to the discernment - the vocation to live in Community and the skills and aptitudes specific to your working role. Both aspects are important for a successful appointment. 

Here is an introduction to the Community and details about how we live and work.

Please browse our website for an overview of Sheldon's ministry.
If you would like to apply, please do so on the application form at the bottom of this page. (Only applications made using this form will be considered.)

The working roles

We are at a significant point in the development of our ministry and we look forward to meeting the colleagues with whom we will share the next phase of development.

We are advertising for three roles by virtue of a combination of growth, succession planning, re-organisation, and replacing members who will be leaving this year or next. The roles outline the way we think things are likely to come together but our past experience is that roles are to some extent fashioned according to the skills of the post holder. So if you feel a strong call to apply then set out your skills in detail even if they don't exactly match one of the roles.

We have accommodation suitable for single people and for couples. If you are applying as a couple then each needs to have a substantive Sheldon role. 

Joining and belonging to the Sheldon Community

Character qualities needed to live and work as part of this Community

We don't pretend to achieve them at all times, but these are the qualities we seek to cultivate in ourselves and look for in potential new members.

  • Open-minded, sensitive, inclusive and compassionate. The needs and circumstances of guests are hugely varied and sometimes very challenging. We welcome each as they are.
  • Focused, hard working, responsible. We are a relatively small team and a lot of our work is time critical so everyone needs to pull together.
  • Well-organised with attention to detail. The ability to pay attention to many small details that go to make up the experience of each guest.
  • Supportive, flexible, co-operative. Stuff happens. Circumstances change. Sometimes we have to sit lightly to our roles or our status and may need to cover for someone else for holidays or other absences.
  • Calm, self-sufficient, cheerful, stable. It helps when we can take stresses in our stride and take ourselves with a pinch of salt.
  • Prayerful and faithful. Our Christian faith is the essential underpinning of our life and ministry. It doesn't need to be 100% conventional but it does need to be 100% serious.

Some reasons why you might want to consider Community

  • You're wondering if God is nudging you towards a radical new challenge in your life
  • You have a generous heart and want to make a real difference to other people's lives
  • You enjoy collaborating as part of a small and committed team
  • You want an opportunity to focus your faith and your work together

People sometimes approach with an idealised view of Community life, so we offer these cautions

  • Although we live and work closely together we spend less social time doing things together than an outsider might expect.
  • We can't recommend it as part of early recovery from major life change such as bereavement, divorce, illness or other trauma.
  • Our location is rural without some of the conveniences and socialising opportunties afforded by town or city life.
  • Don't mistake the opportunities for growth and development for a platform to develop your own thing. Our primary shared focus is the core ministry of the charity.
  • If you are looking for peace and quiet and somewhere to sort yourself out or resolve complex issues, you may need to come as a guest instead.
  • Life is rich and varied but our primary focus is within Sheldon and there isn't really scope for multiple external commitments.
  • You need to be sufficiently free of obligations (financial, dependents, other commitments) to be free to commit yourself to this life and work.
  • We are a lay community and there is a presumption against appointing ordained members unless willing to divest of their licence and be fully committed to their non-clerical role.
  • It takes time to find your feet and you are learning the practicalities of the lifestyle at the same time as the details of your new role. Expect the early months in particular to be quite challenging.

Still interested?

Please fill in our Application form

We are willing to have a preliminary telephone conversation before you make a full application, but this should be requested by email with a brief introduction and an indication of what you would like to discuss. If there are practical questions we haven't covered in these pages please email them and we will add the answers on these pages so other applicants can see them too.