Recruiting: Capable Cook (Community)

Each year the Sheldon team cooks up many thousands of meals for our guests. Providing good quality, healthy home-cooked food is a core part of the hospitality and care we offer to those who come and stay here. We provide 

  • Shared meals for guests on all our own programme events.
  • Stocked larders for about half the guests who make a private retreat.
  • Shared meals for some of the groups running their own day or residential programmes here.

Hillary is the Cellarer, responsible for preparation and serving of food. She and Rhian, her assistant, take alternate weeks planning, provisioning and cooking for events. There are several dozen volunteers who come and live in for a week at a time and help whoever is running the kitchen that week with cooking and hospitality. We are looking for a third colleague to play a full part in the routines of planning, ordering and cooking. When we are not actually running a kitchen there is always plenty more to do checking stores, cooking for the freezer etc. We would like to recruit someone with plenty of cooking experience already under their belt, but if you have enthusiasm and aptitude then we are willing to train you on the job. Roles for Community members generally have a primary focus (in this case cooking), supplemented by secondary duties and responsibilities from gardening to liturgy, reception to bar. 

We are creating a new Community post because we are welcoming more guests and more of them want to be fed. This means we are cooking for more people in each of the 3 categories and we are keen to ensure that life and ministry here is sustainable.

Here's a clip of Hillary in the Pound House kitchen. 

Hillary cooking and talking about Sheldon food
washing-up.jpg Volunteers in the kitchen

How to apply

Community living is something that requires careful explorations together. If you're interested in starting the ball rolling, please read the role description and person description, and complete a stage 1 application form.

Closing date Thursday 6th April 2017.

Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to complete a more in depth stage 2 application form. 

Next steps will include taking up references and at least one residential visit to Sheldon with interviews. We would then invite you to come and live and work at Sheldon as an Alongsider to learn the role and test your vocation for a year before an invitation for full Community membership. 

Note: we only have single person living quarters available. We work a 6 day week and have statutory (5.6 weeks) of holiday. Community members are provided with accommodation, food (in kind), and shared use of facilities like cars, laundry, etc. Our personal allowance is currently £500/month. 

A full clean driving licence is highly desirable. 

Sheldon is an equal opportunities employer. 

This post requires enhanced disclosure under DBS.