Summer Student Volunteer 2021

Summer is a great time to be at Sheldon!

If you would like to offer 3 weeks of service, here is a good place to pitch in ...

This is a great opportunity for one or two energetic and capable people to experience the variety of life and service in a lay Christian Community.

You will work hard, but there will be lots to enjoy and you'll live, work and relax alongside our community members, staff team and volunteers.

You will gain unique experience spending time as part of a long-established lay Christian Community. You will engage in service through hospitality, find a space to bring your own personality and skills to the table, learn practical skills and meet lots of lovely people.

This opportunity might be especially relevant (but definitely not limited to) to people exploring vocation, in one form or another, and 'student' can be a student of life at any age!

Volunteering at Sheldon has no financial cost. We provide your board and lodging, reasonable travel expenses and a subsistence allowance. Preferred dates are Saturday 24th July to Sunday 15th August, but there may be some flexibility. 

Interested? Drop us an email introducing yourself ...

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