Who makes Sheldon happen?

Many people are involved in making Sheldon happen and there are many ways to be part of the life and ministry. We'd love to hear from you if you want to join us. 

Members of the Sheldon Community have a vocational commitment to live here and share the ministry of Sheldon. Together we create the lived foundations of the hospitable, prayed-in space into which we welcome our guests. We make Sheldon our home for form the core and leadership of Sheldon's workforce. To manage risk and keep Sheldon running safely for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic we've divided our community into 3 separate 'households'.

Members of Sheldon's staff team contribute their skills in a wide variety of roles including cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, administration, gardening and estate management.

Volunteers give many different types of service including workparties, hospitality, theatre and reception. 

Trustees meet twice a year to provide oversight on legal compliance, financial probity, and the overall direction of the charity.

Patrons champion the Mary and Martha cause by lending their names to the ministry.

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