The Sheldon Hub Tue 19 May 2015

The Sheldon Hub - Doing Healthy Ministry Together 

A new, national, collaborative project with the aim of enabling people in ministry help themselves and their colleagues to live and work in ways that are healthy and life-giving.

This blog charted the development of the project until it went live in February 2017.


Last Post for this Blog

The Sheldon Hub is now live - last post for this blog 


Visit the Hub now

The Hub is going live on 3rd March, but you can join now!


Countdown to go-live day Fri 30 December 2016

We have a date in our sights for Soft Launch for the Hub ...


Needed now: Hub Founder Community Members Sat 12 November 2016

Come and join us as this thing really starts to come together


New (second) Blog Launch Sun 16 October 2016

Short and sweet regular content for you to share on social media


Sweating the small stuff Fri 30 September 2016

More development and testing work going on behind the scenes


A testing summer! Sun 28 August 2016

We've been making our brains hurt so yours won't have to when the Hub goes live.


Testing underway Wed 27 July 2016

The first round of testers have been unleashed


Recruiting Testers now! Thu 16 June 2016

Our developers expect to have the first section ready for testing around mid-July. If you're interested in helping then sign up now.


Ready to recruit Testers Sun 12 June 2016

First opportunity to sign up as a Tester


Progress report May 2016 Sun 01 May 2016

Trying our hand at video, working group, funding, etc


Progress report April 2016 Wed 06 April 2016

Signing the contract, starting the design, next working group residential, funding proposals ...


Progress report January 2016 Sun 03 January 2016

A roundup of all the developments going on behind the scenes


Working Group Residential Mon 02 November 2015

Working group members arriving for the first 48 hour residential at Sheldon


First meeting of working group Mon 29 June 2015

Getting things under way in fine style 


Core Working Group Wed 20 May 2015

The members of the core working group for this project have been appointed from among a very strong field of interested candidates. 


Doing Healthy Ministry Together Sun 26 April 2015

Read about the new project we are planning, and maybe you'd like to get involved?