The Sheldon Hub is now live

Tue 28 February 2017

Click here for the Sheldon Hub

There's been a lot happening behind the scenes in recent months as we start Sheldon's new online extension to our ministry. Today, after 2 years of preparation, the Sheldon Hub goes live. It's been quite a journey and the learning curve is so steep it sometimes gives us vertigo. We have successfully created the site and tested it with several hundred 'early adopters', but in many ways this is just the beginning. Now we are focusing on building the community inside the Hub and developing rich reserves of trustworthy advice for doing healthy ministry together. 

The Hub is a genuinely unique venture - no-one else has built a comprehensive resource like this for people in ministry. It draws on our years of real world ministry at Sheldon. At each step of our journey as a community we have done our best to respond to the needs of those who seek us out. We hope and pray that the Hub will be a blessing and a benefit both to those who come to Sheldon, and to those (who for reasons such as distance, finance, or needs/pressures at home) are not able to actually visit. In the meantime we continue to welcome all the many people who need to and can visit Sheldon. 

We would very much welcome your prayers as we continue on this exciting journey. The need for 'doing healthy ministry together' has never been greater. Do encourage friends and colleagues to join today at

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