New arrivals Sat 06 May 2017

Tim and Claire Waller, with their daughters Isabelle and Matilda will be coming to live at Sheldon in early July. It's all happened quite quickly, but then we did spend Lent praying 'ready our future people with vocation and skill, and show us the paths to find each other' ...

They both come from clergy families and met on community at Lee Abbey. Tim has been a school cook and Claire a teacher and librarian. We first met Tim when he stayed here with his parents as a teenager.

Tim will join Hillary and Rhian on the Cellarer team and Claire will join Sarah and Andrew on Reception and Admin. They will live in the Farmhouse with both of them working part time and sharing parenting. Isabelle will start pre-school in Doddiscombsleigh in September.

Yes, it's a long time since we had little ones living here, so big changes ahead for us all. But it very much feels like the right thing for Sheldon and we're all up for giving it our best shot as we test things out over the next 18 months.

So we would ask for your prayers for everyone involved. Over the coming weeks we have house moves and settling in and training and being trained. Andrew and Rhian remember that the learning curve approaches vertical in the early days, and Hillary and Sarah know it's challenging to add giving training onto an already full-on day job. 

The full cast and crew will now be Sarah, Carl, Sue, Jan, Hillary, Andrew and Rhian (Community), and Alison, Tim and Claire (Alongsiders) plus Isabelle and Matilda.

family photo The Waller family behind the Farmhouse

Welcome to add your comments and prayers

Sue Kendall posted on 15/05/2017 17:33

Terrific news, wonderful answer to your prayers! We know another couple that met at Lee Abbey!! Experience of community life there will no doubt have been good preparation for Sheldon.

Sue posted on 09/05/2017 08:25

Thank you for sending me your special news. I wish you much happiness with the arrival of the Waller family.

Richard & Jill Edwards posted on 09/05/2017 00:09

Welcome to Tim, Claire, Isabelle & Matilda as you settle into the community. Our prayers are with you all at Sheldon as you live, pray, work and grow together on the journey ahead.

Ann & Mike Havell posted on 08/05/2017 17:27

What wonderful news. We wish Tim, Claire, Isabelle and Matilda all the very best for this new venture. We are sure they will receive a special welcome from the community and all work together to continue the good work that makes Sheldon so special.

With our love and prayers

Brian posted on 08/05/2017 15:30

I was delighted to hear of the arrival of Tim, Claire, Isabelle and Matilda. This comes with my warmest thoughts and prayers for you all as you grow accustomed to the new configurations.

All possible blessings,

Ian Parker posted on 08/05/2017 08:59

Wonderful news! Looking forward to meeting Tim and Claire in the summer.

Alison Mathalone posted on 08/05/2017 07:43

Lovely news....look forward to meeting all the newcomers very soon

Anon posted on 06/05/2017 17:27

Lovely news about new community members.

Anon posted on 06/05/2017 17:27

How lovely; blessings to you all.

Christopher posted on 05/05/2017 20:30

What lovely news! You're all in my prayers.

Jenny Holden posted on 05/05/2017 19:18

It was a joy to have children around at Easter and lovely we'll be seeing more of them.

Anne Phillips posted on 05/05/2017 16:48

This is great news: prayer really does work! A courageous step for Tim, Claire, Isabelle and Matilda who will, I'm sure, continue to be supported by the prayers of Sheldon friends in their transition and beyond. Looking forward to meeting them in due course.

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