Sheldon has commissioned independent academic research into the lived experience of the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM). Our academic partner is Dr Carl Senior at Aston University.    

Since the CDM came into effect 15 years ago there has been no systematic research into its functioning. It may be that a combination of shame, confidentiality, professional loyalty to the church and lack of oversight structure have combined to obscure the true workings of the CDM. 

Sheldon has set out to rectify this by making a large scale systematic enquiry that is completely independent of the Church of England structures within which it functions.  The first stage of this is a detailed research survey which was launched on 25th October and will run until the beginning of Advent. 

To take part in the research please email for the survey link. 

Click here for FAQs about the research survey (CLOSING DATE : 10th January)

Click here for more details about ProjectCDM on the Sheldon Hub.