Outdoor walking at Sheldon - summer 2020

This opportunity is open to people in ministry and Friends of Sheldon

Please note: arrangements may be changed or cancelled at short notice. We will refund any bookings we are not able to honour.

  • Advance booking is essential so we can manage numbers. 
  • Available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (not weekends or evenings). 
  • Single day visit: £10 per person
  • One month pass: £40 per person (starts from the date of your first visit)

Things to bear in mind when choosing to book

  • This is an outdoor visit with nowhere available for shelter. If the forecast is wet then bring suitable clothing and be prepared to make a dash to your car!       
  • There are plenty of well-maintained public footpaths immediately around Sheldon and you can easily go for a longer walk, incorporating a part of Sheldon. Please refer to an OS map
  • You are welcome to bring a picnic.
  • Sorry but you cannot bring your dog
  • We do have toilet facilities available for your use
  • If you have not been to Sheldon before these directions will be helpful.
  • Free parking is provided

How it works

  • Use the links to pay for your one day or one month pass 
  • You will receive an automated e mail showing your payment has been received but will also receive a confirmation  e mail with details of your booking      
  • On the day of your visit, notify us that you will be coming on  
  • Print the following items on the day of each visit (details may be updated)
    • The carparking pass sent with your confirmation email
    • This webpage (the one you're reading) for reference
    • Map of the site

When you arrive

  • Your visit is self supervised and there is no need to register when you arrive - we will know from your e mail that you are coming. 
  • Fill in the parking sheet and leave on your dashboard.
  • Reception is closed. If you need to contact us for any reason ring 01647-252752.

Where to go

  • Please refer to the map you printed to enjoy the paths around fields and woodlands.
  • There are benches to rest, picnic, enjoy the view. 
  • Please respect the areas marked 'Linhay' or 'Community Only'.  
  • Please be sensitive to Community and any guests on private retreat and avoid chairs/benches on patios near the buildings.

Some places to pray - one person/household at a time

Practical information

  • Please take all rubbish home with you. 
  • Toilets are available at the end of the Pound House - see large notice above the door near carpark
  • Drinking water is available from the tap at the end of the Long Barn nearest to the Labyrinth (see map)

Enjoy your visit!