During your stay at Sheldon you will want to make sure your people are nourished in body as well as in mind and spirit

We have two types of booking available and each has its advantages, depending on the needs of your group

1. Self-catering

2. Sheldon caters for you

The self-catering option...

... is perfect for groups where you prefer

  • complete freedom to set your own timetable
  • the option to tailor your menu to your group's tastes
  • the economy of bringing and cooking your own
  • the privacy of whole buildings to yourself

For self-catering bookings we let by the building(s) and it's up to you to book the number of participants to suit

Thinking about Sheldon catering for you instead?

Sheldon caters for you ...

... this option is perfect for groups where

  • You love the style of food and house timetable that Sheldon offers
  • You want someone else to take care of menu planning, ordering, cooking (and washing up)
  • You have a bit more available in the budget

For bookings where Sheldon does the catering, we charge per person on single or shared room occupancy. 

Thinking about self-catering instead?