Ministry definition

There are lots of possible definitions of "in ministry". This is the one we use for eligibility for access to our ministry resources and for the 20% ministry discount. 

Women and men from any denomination who are in any of these categories

  • ordained 
  • full time stipendiary lay worker, missionaries, members of religious communities
  • retired (from either above)
  • spouses/partners (independently or with his/her ministerial partner)
  • ordinands who have been accepted for ordination training and attending a recognised college/course

We do of course recognise that there are many, many folk who are doing wonderful ministry in the church who don't fall within this definition, including Readers, Lay Preachers and many others. There are plenty of excellent Mary and Martha resources at Sheldon open to everyone that we have been developing in response to this wider need. We do hope you will be able to enjoy and benefit from these. Sorry we are not able to provide ministry discount and access to resources like the Sheldon Hub unless you fall within the definition above. 

We will normally consider applications from licensed or accredited ministers in denominations affiliated to Churches Together in England, or equivalent in other countries.

In order to keep the Sheldon ministry resources, including the Sheldon Hub, safe and secure, the Sheldon Community will validate both your status (in your role) and that your email address belongs to you. Thanks for your patience and co-operation with this.