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"Affirmation & Accountability - a workbook for preventing clergy stress, sickness and ill-health retirement" was published in 2002. 

Here at Society of Mary and Martha we convened a consultation group to help us offer back to the church as a whole some of the accumulated experience and expertise gained through our ministry at Sheldon. 

It arose from an awareness that the "pathology" did not always lie with the individual we were seeing, but there would often be organisational issues which were making the breakdown of clergy health more likely. It was widely read in the UK and overseas. 

We didn't have any sort of formal followup so we only have anecdotal evidence as to its impact. Those anecdotes tell us that it was taken seriously by a number of dioceses at senior staff level and among many local groups of clergy as well as individuals. 

Things move on, but in its time it was a significant piece of work and it continues to offer valuable insights today.

Affirmation & Accountability is available as a digital download for £10, or as a home printed and comb bound book for £12.50 (free UK P&P)

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