How to make and pay for a booking

Make a provisional booking first

To make a booking please telephone 01647-252752. We like to keep the personal touch and to check that you are booking on something that will suit you well.
If you've been before and know what you want, or you have a general initial enquiry, you can email {~81|94|94|90|88|93|86|98|47|98|87|84|91|83|94|93|29|100|90|29|82|94|92~}

Once the booking is agreed, we enter it into our system as a provisional booking held for one week. The next step is to pay a deposit to confirm it. 

To confirm a booking for an individual, couple or family

  • This is our preferred option: click the Login/register on this website and pay online (like online shopping through our website). (On the login page enter your email address on the left hand side and ask to reset your password if necessary. Once logged in go to "your bookings". Only the arrival date will be viewable online at this point - full details will be in your confirmation email and this will also be saved in the online bookings section for future reference.)
  • print a form and send with a cheque made out to "Society of Mary and Martha"
  • If you are unable to pay online through our website then you can do online banking from your bank account (BACS transfer), but to be honest this is our least preferred route. If you are doing it this way, the account name is The Mary and Martha Sheldon Centre, sort code 20-30-47, account number 60830895. It is important that you also email a remittance advice to {~80|82|82|94|100|93|99|98|47|98|87|84|91|83|94|93|29|100|90|29|82|94|92~} and send an email to {~81|94|94|90|88|93|86|98|47|98|87|84|91|83|94|93|29|100|90|29|82|94|92~} confirming your agreement to the House Rules and Cancellation Terms.

By either method you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to our House Rules and cancellation terms.

Deposits are non-refundable.
The value of the deposit is

  • £50 per booking for private retreats
  • £50 per person for programme events
  • full cost for one day workshops
  • full cost for budget weekends

Within a few days of receiving your deposit we will send you a booking confirmation email with full details of your booking. When it arrives, please check through and let us know straight away if there are any corrections to be made. 

To confirm a booking for a group

  • We fill out a booking form and email it to you 
  • You check, sign and return the booking form
  • You pay the deposit (usually about 30% of the booking value) - details here

For all bookings

Remember to take out cancellation insurance.

Details here for timings of any balance of payment.

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