If a booking is cancelled ...

Last updated 13th May 2020 to reflect the management of uncertainties around Coronavirus

Cancellation (bookings for individuals)

We are looking for ways to appropriately manage and share risks in the new climate.

For bookings made after April 2020


We have reduced the deposit from £50 to £20. 

  • Now that we have some understanding of the levels of uncertainty going forward, new bookings will be taken with a smaller deposit of £20 that is not refundable whether for Coronavirus or other reasons


We have reduced the payment due date for balances from 2 months to 2 weeks before arrival.

  • If you cancel more than 2 weeks in advance, there will be no balance due.
  • Please pay the balance in full 2 weeks before your arrival (apart from budget weekends which are full payment to confirm). 
  • If circumstances reasonably related to Coronavirus necessitate cancelling by either you or us in the final 2 weeks, we suggest a starting point of sharing the pain on a 50:50 basis but will be open to be guided by need and circumstance.
  • Please continue to take out suitable travel insurance for 'normal' risks such as injury or bereavement - this will protect both you and Sheldon from financial embarrassment in the face of the genuinely unexpected.
  • You may already have cover under a policy such as a multi-trip travel insurance or included with your home insurance or banking.
  • One place you can buy cancellation insurance from is Rothwell & Towler (Under Policy Type choose Guest First UK Holiday Cancellation Cover)

If you cannot obtain suitable insurance for health reasons, please discuss this with us.

For all bookings made before April 2020

  • We will continue to offer full refunds for any reason reasonably related to Coronavirus whether cancelled by you or us. If you decide to donate some or all of your refund that is greatly welcomed. You can also hold it as a credit against a future booking.
  • The balance of payment will now fall due and be payable 2 weeks before arrival. (Your booking confirmation email will have said 2 months - you can now ignore this.)
  • Please continue to take out suitable travel insurance for all other risks such as injury or bereavement to avoid financial embarrassment for you or Sheldon in the event of the genuinely unexpected. We do not normally expect to refund deposits or balances in circumstances which would have been insurable.

Cancellation (bookings for groups)

We are currently updating our booking agreements for groups in the light of Coronavirus. If you have a booking, please talk to us.