Our cleaning routines

Last updated 23rd June

Sheldon has a well-deserved reputation for high standards of routine cleaning which will continue. This page covers the additional steps we are taking to protect guests from transmission of Coronavirus. 

We are implementing two levels of sanitising

1. For changeovers with 3 days or more between guests

The virus degrades over time, so a gap of 3 days basically does the work for us. Additional measures will be

  • wiping down frequent touch surfaces with antiviral sanitiser after cleaning before you arrive
  • routinely washing all linens at 60 degrees instead of 40 degrees
  • keeping spare bedding in quarantine and available on request instead of in rooms

2. For changeovers of less than 3 days OR when there are any specific concerns about the health status of the departing guest

In addition to the regular cleaning and the items in section one

  • fresh duvet, pillows and mattress cover (which have been in > 3 day quarantine)
  • hot soapy wash of crockery and cutlery
  • more comprehensive antiviral sanitiser wipe
  • fresh guest introduction folder 

Around the site we are doing once daily sanitising of frequent touch surfaces such as door handles and light switches. All guest have a personal bathroom so there is no need to use communal toilets although these will continue to be available. We have replaced fabric towels with paper towels in all communal handwash places. There are plenty of gel sanitiser dispensers to use in appropriate places.

If you have any particular questions or concerns please contact us

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