12,000-mile Service

Led by the Sheldon team

The light touch framework is designed to help with unwinding and rediscovering creative vision. There is no formal teaching input and all ingredients are optional so you can choose your own pace and activities as the week unfolds. A chance to recharge batteries, take out dents in the bodywork or test the brakes, perhaps? Morning workshops, afternoon walks. One to one appointments available plus some massage sessions. Thursday evening Eucharist gathers the threads of the week. Run by the Sheldon team and experienced volunteers. We have been running and refining these weeks every year since 1987 - our flagship resources for people in ministry and/or spouses.
• uncluttered timetable • everything optional • workshops • 1:1 sessions • eucharist •

the Sheldon team is assisted by experienced volunteers for this event

This event is exclusively for people in ministry.

6 - 8pm Sun 1st Mar 2020 to 10am Fri 6th Mar 2020

Residential - £520