Easter Workparty

Led by the Sheldon team

A mix of practical work around the grounds, gardens, buildings and kitchens. We aim to have work for every level of skill and stamina! Sometimes we tackle a big job like planting a hedge or redecorating a whole building. We also have lots of smaller jobs lined up for this Easter like weeding patios, planting potatoes, pruning shrubs. And every day there's food to cook for the hungry masses! We expect volunteers to pitch in and enjoy a good day's work, but we absolutely don't expect to work you to the bone. In fact some people have even described a Sheldon workparty as food and drink interspersed with a little light work! Seriously though, volunteer workparties are a brilliant way for the Sheldon team to stay on top of the work involved in keeping Sheldon looking fabulous for guests to enjoy. We really appreciate the company of volunteers and the ability to blitz jobs that are great fun as a team but no fun at all for one person. 

We have our daily routine of Community morning prayers and compline. We also observe key points through this special week with Maundy Ceremonies, Time at the Cross, and Easter Eucharist. 

Ideally come for the whole week, but shorter times are also an option. Give us a ring and have a chat if you want to find out more.

This event is open to everyone.

3 - 7pm Tue 7th Apr 2020 to 10am Tue 14th Apr 2020

Residential - £12/day volunteer guideline (20% ministry discount)