Timeless guides on rocky roads

Led by Margaret Silf

The Jesus stories that have come down to us through two millennia can easily get filed away in the Sunday Slot, their relevance to contemporary life largely marginalised. Yet many of these stories are sources of timeless truth and wisdom crucial to our human journeying, and packed with guidance so sorely needed in our very troubled times. Can they help us to open our hearts to ‘the other’ in our midst in times of mass migration and growing diversity? Can they guide us through chaotic times and show us how breakdown can lead to breakthrough? What do they teach us about confronting the fundamental challenges to truth and integrity in our times? During the week we will re-visit some familiar Gospel stories in the light of some of our real contemporary experience, and explore, with fresh eyes, what they mean for us today.

The retreat will be conducted in silence. There will be two daily presentations, with an optional session for those who wish to share our responses and explore the theme together.

Margaret Silf is the author of a range of books exploring the spiritual journey for 21st century pilgrims who may or may not identify with institutional religion. She is a mother and grandmother and lives in North Staffordshire.

This event is open to everyone.

3 - 5pm Sun 16th Aug 2020 to 10am Thu 20th Aug 2020

Residential - £450 (20% ministry discount)