The Shaking Reality of Advent

Led by Peter Price

In Advent 1944 Fr Alfred Delp was a prisoner in Nazi Germany and just 3 months later he would be hanged for 'defeatism and treason'. In his prison cell 'with my hands in irons and ahead of me an uncertain future' Delp penned a meditation entitled The Shaking Reality of Advent. He described Advent as 'a time when we all ought to be shaken and brought to a realisation of ourselves'. 

Based on Peter Price's Advent reflections of the same name published in 2018, this retreat is an opportunity to 'come to our senses'. Nothing could be more dramatic than the shaking work of God in taking human form as Jesus. Here we are called to be awakened to the power of the birth of Jesus, to cut through the domesticated commercialisation to hear the call to true celebration and the warning of judgement. 

This retreat will be held in silence with daily addresses and Eucharist.

Peter Price is an author and broadcaster and former Chair of Trustees of Conciliation Resrouces. He has also served as a parish priest, Bishop of Bath and Wells and General Secretary of USPG. 

This event is open to everyone.

3 - 5pm Mon 23rd Nov 2020 to 10am Fri 27th Nov 2020

Residential - £430 (20% ministry discount)