Gospel, rumours of love

Led by Simon Parke

They do say that everyone has their own Jesus – and perhaps recent political events in the US demonstrate that.

Jesus can easily be reduced to an avatar for niche spiritual movements, all making of him what they need him to be – with little regard for available facts.

But who is Jesus to you?

He can sometimes feel like a figure trapped behind a paywall of credal statements which is not the best basis for a relationship.

But then what do we want from Jesus – his humanity or his divinity? A mystical Christ, a moral teacher or friend?

Based loosely on Simon's recent novel, ‘Gospel, Rumours of Love’, here is a retreat around our perception of, and relationship with, Jesus. Where do the facts end and our interpretations begin?

And what energies does he offer for the world we inhabit today? Did Jesus have an energy the church has lost?

No party line will be offered on this retreat; but what will be offered is space and stimulation for your own search.

So who is Jesus to you? That’s the only question that matters. And is this your moment, in a safe space, to behold the man afresh?

This will be a silent retreat with daily addresses and liturgy.

Simon Parke is a freelance author, speaker, consultant. His latest book - The Secret Testament of Julian - is an imagined life of Julian of Norwich. He was a priest in the Church of England for twenty years. Simon's website

This event is open to everyone.

3 - 5pm Mon 19th Jul 2021 to 10am Fri 23rd Jul 2021

Residential - £480 (20% ministry discount)