Costs and payments

What does it cost?

Programme event costs are shown on the detail page for each event.

Group booking costs are shown on the group bookings page.

You can click here to find out how to make a booking and pay a deposit. If you have already booked you can click here to pay the balance

Ministry rates are 20% off the standard open rates. (Your invoice will show the itemised open rates and then a single ministry discount off the total).

Cancellation details

Private retreats

(more about Private Retreats)

per night openministry
Linhay Lodge single person n/a£68
Linhay Lodge shared n/a£100
Pig Pen/Hen Run single person £70£65
Pig Pen/Hen Run shared £95£76
Stocked larder/person £28.30£22.64
1:1 session (1 hour) n/a£54.40
massage (1 hour) £60£48

10% discount on accommodation and food for all visits 5 nights or longer.

Linhay Lodges - 3 nights minimum
Pig Pens (and Hen Runs) - 2 nights minimum
Stocked larder - 3 nights minimum

Budget weekends prices held for 2020

rate for weekend open ministry
Linhay Lodge 3 nights (Fri-Mon) single n/a £120
Linhay Lodge 3 nights (Fri-Mon) sharing n/a £170
Pig Pen 2 nights (Fri-Sun) single £99 £79.20
Pig Pen 2 nights (Fri-Sun) sharing £120 £96

Library days 2020

open ministry
library only £16 £12.80
library and lunch  £25 £20

Specialist booking supplement

Some bookings draw on additional Sheldon resources in order to meet the needs of guests. These may include

  • Several telephone conversations are needed to set up the booking
  • The booking is at short notice so we need to shop or arrange staffing for a quick changeover
  • The guest is in a bad way and we need to provide an additional level of background support
  • Circumstances are changing so the length of the booking needs to be flexible

For these bookings we invite a flat rate £100 in addition to the other component parts of the booking.