House and event timetables

Timetables for our own programme events are normally uploaded about 10 days before the event begins. This information is for guests who are booked on the event, and supplements the details provided on your booking confirmation email. If you need additional information, please contact us.
Please email us if it's less than 10 days before your arrival and there is still no link listed below.

Current Timetables

Standard House Timetable

This is the basic pattern of our day when we are running a programme event. It varies a bit for specific events like clergy family holiday weeks. 

  • 8am Community morning prayers (Monday to Friday)
  • 8.30am Breakfast
  • 9.30am = usual start time for day workshops
  • 11am Coffee
  • 12.30pm Lunch (12.45pm for 12,000-mile Service weeks)
  • 3pm Tea (sometimes 3.30pm or 4pm)
  • 5pm Community evening prayers (Monday to Friday)
  • 6.30pm Fat Pigeon bar open
  • 7pm Supper (usually 8pm Sundays if it's the first day of an event)