Feedback from guests

If you have visited Sheldon, you can leave feedback about your visit by using this on-line form.

It provided some much needed breathing space from the challenges in parish ministry during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Private retreat July 2020

Thank you so much! Delicious food, very clean and comfortable, I have felt completely safe and cared for here. Thank you all. x.

Private retreat July 2020

We were impressed by the thought and care that had obviously gone into the preparations. ... we want you to continue to be there for those who need you and value Sheldon as a place of peace and somewhere close to sanity in this mad world. We think that your emphasis on systems that are sustainable in the long run is both right and sensible. We do not know how long this pandemic will last but feel sure that many people will not be easy about social contact until there is an established and safe vaccine. Being guided by the principle that actions are governed by the needs of the most vulnerable could mean that social distancing, hygiene, etc. will continue longer at Sheldon than elsewhere.... It was great to be back and we look forward to our next visit. 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share your new procedures and routines for Sheldon's guests. You have all put in an enormous amount of work to get it right and it showed.!

We thought it was very well planned and that any prospective guests can have confidence that Sheldon is a safe place to physically be. The Community have done a great job in planning a safe way forward within the guidelines.

'CoronavirusTrial Run R5' with volunteer guests

Your wonderful attention to detail gave me space to do my own thing, provided wonderful meals, comfortable rooms and a haven of peace. Thank you.

R5 December 2019

The quiet, unobtrusive but at the same time thorough way that everything is arranged for the welcome of all guests. The kindness that pervades the place, towards everyone.

Retreat led by Andrew Nunn November 2019

It was well planned, we had the choice of attending workshops and worship, and it all felt very relaxed. The food was excellent, and having the bar open beforehand for a drink and a chat is lovely. It's also good to sit with different people each day, and to have staff, volunteers etc sitting with us.  The layout of Sheldon is very compact and easily accessible. The Art Shed was well used (due to the inclement weather)! We stayed in the Berkshire Pig Pen which was very comfortable and warm. (We like the underfloor heating!)  The grounds are beautiful, great that wellies are available and all the planned walks in the Boot Room are very helpful.
The worship is very quiet and peaceful and well led - just what we needed.  We did not use the library - but it seemed to be stocked with some interesting books.  The Eye of the Beholder - very much enjoyed this, very informative, excellent presenter and great to have the extra session.  Gentle Touch - again very good session - well run.  Massage was very relaxing, lovely to have a jacuzzi beforehand.  Very pleased with the quality of the food. A good and varied menu was chosen for the week. All the staff and volunteers were very kind and helpful. Thank You!

12,000 mile service November 2019

I’d be grateful if you would please pass on to everyone involved in the provision of hospitality at Sheldon last week my appreciation of the warm welcome, the delicious food, the prayer in the Chapel, the efficient administration and the care generally offered by both the community and the volunteers. It was my first visit to Sheldon, and – as I said in my feedback form – I had decided by the end of Monday evening that I’d hope to be back!

Retreat led by Ian Mobsby October 2019

I’m struggling to find the words to describe my experience of Sheldon last week. It’s not just the warmth and generosity of your hospitality, your attention to detail, your awareness and care of the natural world or the cycles of time that you create through regular prayer and mealtimes…. Somehow it’s much more than all of that. I guess it can only be expressed in saying ‘being held in love’, which indeed was very lovely. This enabled me to find contentment whilst engaging with the loss and grief of my working world. So thank you.

R5 October 2019

It's now a week since our 12,000-mile Service - hardly seems possible as the days went blessedly slowly for us at Sheldon but have raced by as we plunged back into the fast-flowing river of ministry here. We thought of you all as we ate some excellent slow-roasted Sheldon lamb! We both so enjoyed our time and all the loving care we received. We realised - and have realised now - how tired we were when we arrived, and how the ban on shop talk made the mealtime gatherings much less demanding. The massage from Jan was amazing. I shall definitely take her advice to try and get one of these every 6 - 8 weeks although it will have to be a day off as I was terminally relaxed and unwilling to make any effort to do anything all afternoon ... We shall keep Sheldon in our prayers and for all of you in the constant hard work that you all do to make the community the place it is. In our tiredness we give thanks for the 'two large slices of heaven' which described the 12,000-mile days.

12,000-mile Service September 2019

You provided a wonderful space in which we could all (and all ages) find rest and fun. We particularly appreciated the generosity of spirit of all those helping - towards the children and the adults - nothing was too much trouble and the children's inability to sit still/eat all their meals was gracefully and brilliantly ignored. Thank you! 

Family holiday week 2019

For a couple of years I have struggled to come to terms with the fact that spinal stenosis has rendered me increasingly disabled. After a career in the charity sector I have felt somewhat ashamed to feel somehow diminished as a person.  I hoped that that the peace of Sheldon would give me the space to confront this issue in prayer. However, I had not expected just how much the whole Sheldon experience would affect me. You seem to have thought of so much to produce accommodation offering both safety and comfort, with such lovely food. However, even more important was the fact I realised that here my disability was less important that who I actually was. The wonderful volunteers helped unobtrusively when needed. In such an environment I could enjoy the company of the other participants where no-one said "what's wrong with you?" or gave me "that look" of rather pitying sympathy. I left with my dignity restored and profound gratitude that somewhere exists that can give such inner healing. Thank you so much.

R5 July 2019

Thank you so much for an excellent R5 – great to have the space and the warm friendly welcome and the brilliant food and the wonderful room and the good group to be with and the prayer times to share in and the beautiful grounds and surroundings. So pleased to be with you for the five days. And the library and the Long Barn bookshelves too: on my last full day I was reading Brother Roger of Taize, Spike Milligan and David Sheppard/Derek Worlock – certainly varied!

R5 July 2019

Peaceful and restful as always. I had the stocked larder option which was lovely food that all I had to do was warm through and add vegetables to have very tasty meals and healthy! I do like Wi-fi and a tv. Although it’s good to get away from these nice to have options and choices and limit them myself.

Private retreat July 2019

Our retreat was exactly what we needed - a peaceful, spiritual haven in beautiful countryside in a lovely part of the country. The facilities were excellent, the community members friendly and there when needed. Thank you

Private retreat July 2019

It was well worth the very long journey. Really helpful and special time on the R5. Warm but unfussy welcome. Really appreciated flowers in the room and the hospitality tray. Sharing meals I hadn’t had to think about was sheer joy (and bliss and rapture). Times spent with Sarah were encouraging and really helpful. Very thankful for those times. Loved times spent in both chapels: times in each alone and in the Mary and Martha for Morning Prayers (just right) and the Evening reflection and shared silence.As the days went on, really appreciated the no clergy shop talk rule. It really does protect us. You can think people are in a good place but a bit of a scratch of the surface reveals all sorts of insecurities and agendas. It also protects us against the kind of driven, competitiveness and boasting that can be part of us all. I was also very grateful for the ‘no ministering to each other’ rule. As someone who can pick up hurt and need very easily and with a pastoral heart that kicks in, it was a relief to be given permission not to respond - to just pray and gently walk away. There is a deep wisdom, focus and centredness at Sheldon that is a real gift. Thank you. Only problem… A comment and not a complaint that the floor in the shower got very wet and stayed so - right up to and including the toilet area. Think it needed a bit more of a slope or something to drain the water away? [Webeditor: we think this is a new problem and on the list to discuss with the architect - thanks for mentioning]

R5 July 2019

Useful/helpful/enjoyable because ...
- beautifully equipped and situated art room open all hours, with ideas for things to do if you lack inspiration
- lack of timetable, privacy of accommodation
- stocked larder was great
- reception was easy to access in case of any needs
- many spaces to walk outside even just on Sheldon land
- zero gravity recliner
- huge windows
- jacuzzi and massage
Better if ...
- sleeping space had been separate from living/eating space, but I knew this when I booked - ok in summer when you can sit out but would avoid in winter
- I had realised people might come through my back garden (in the coop), I assumed it was private [Webeditor: this surprises me - I'm wondering if it was one of the team watering the plant tubs?]
Thank you
Just in case you need more ideas (!) - how about ideas in art room for helping people make things with natural items found on walks, and either in boot room or a separate shed/summerhouse ideas for helping with nature connection

Private retreat (Coop Hen Run) July 2019

My stay in the coop was so comfortable and well equipped, lovely view from the garden. I arrived mentally and physically nearly broken and leaving mostly mended! Very many thanks to everyone here for all your ongoing healing and very hard work.

Private Retreat June 2019

Thanks to the team who have all been warm, gracious and cared for our various foible. Rooms and food all good. Really valued and appreciated the thatched-roof chapel. Liked the new drinks in room, including nicely designed tray/ drawer. In the bath/ wet room: shower water spreads farther than expected, so first time mat got rather wet! Observation - not complaint. The metal loo-brush holder gets wet every shower - may be worth having a plinth or water-proof 'boot' to prevent rapid rusting. [Webeditor: investigating this one - seems to be a new problem. Perhaps the floor has moved by a few mm. Have put a squeegee in there for now and see if we can resolve]

Seeing the Light in Life May 2019

The welcome, the warmth, the comfort, the nourishment in many ways, the feeling of 'being home.' A place that gladdens my spirit.

Seeing the Light in Life May 2019

The peace and beauty on site helped me slow down. Long walks on the Sheldon land helped me reconnect with God. Varied resources (chapels, community prayers, prayer labyrinth, retreat lectionary in room etc.) gave structure to my retreat. The massage and jaccuzi left me feeling completely relaxed and utterly cared for. The room was (mostly) comfortable, a good size, with everything I needed for my stay. Pleasant but discreet staff and volunteers - very helpful and gentle. Loved the Art Shed! A perfect space to do some creative bible journalling. With doors open: sublime! It would have helped if the bed had been slightly bigger. I found it quite hard to get comfy in a single. [Webeditor: all our singles are 3' wide. No problem to ask for a double if you like plenty of bed-space]. It would not put me off coming again though. I felt thoroughly rested and blessed by my time at Sheldon. I can't thank you enough for making this place what it is. May God bless you as you continue your ministry here.

Private Retreat May 2019

The opportunity for solitude, reading and praying time. Surroundings and Linhay lodge were conducive to relaxing and 'doing my own thing.' Staff were very helpful and supportive. Can't think of anything that was missing. Thank you.

Private Retreat May 2019

Having recently lost my husband, I wanted to be away from our home at Easter because of all my memories of Easters past. The surroundings were beautiful, the accommodation very comfortable and the people very kind. I would have found my stay more helpful if the restrictions on topics to talk about had been a bit less restrictive. I do understand the necessity for them in view of the fact that you predominantly care for clergy and their spouses, but I felt almost panic-stricken at first wondering how I could start a conversation with a stranger. Things improved as time went by but I think I transgressed once or twice! The person who introduced herself to me as the housekeeper was very kind in making it possible for me to have breakfast in my own time. I really appreciated that.

R5 April 2019

It was a good mix of worship, input and relaxation. Helpful to have the freedom to join in, or not, be alone or with others. At all times I felt "held."

12,000 Mile Service April 2019

I am rarely 'looked after' and this has been a truly relaxing and refreshing time - and as always - no pressure.

12,000 Mile Service April 2019

Being at Sheldon helped reconnect body, mind and spirit. The peace and beauty of the land, walking in the woods, praying in the labyrinth, using the art room, receiving a massage and a healthy stocked larder, all made for a very renewing and restful experience. Thank you. I feel like I learned to breathe again! The stocked larder was a fabulous way to let go of day-to-day worries and know that there would be a simple, healthy meal to enjoy at the end of the day. The care and attention put into giving adequate space and privacy (+ no clergy shop talk) combined with a deep sense of prayer and support, if needed, made it very easy to settle into a pattern of rest, prayer, walks, reading and pondering. From a busy city life to be awoken by birdsong and the lush green trees was a beautiful gift.

Private Retreat April 2019

The surroundings, the wonderful countryside and the wildlife, particularly the large selection of birds. It was good to feel safe, and to enjoy the peace and calmness. Will certainly return again.

Private Retreat April 2019

As always your hospitality was second to none. The new wet room in Berkshire Pig Pen was excellent. Thanks again for a wonderful week - our first Easter at Sheldon! We loved being here to share the Holy Fire and Easter Eve Communion. We would have found our stay more enjoyable if the lovely log seat up by the Labyrinth was still there. (It was good to sit and contemplate after walking the Labyrinth).[Webeditor: good thought - will pass it on]

Easter R5 April 2019

It provided a much-needed break with just the right amount of social interaction, greatly aided by the team. I particularly appreciated my room, the food, the labyrinth, chapel, watching the lambs. Everything at Sheldon speaks of God's love. It makes me feel like a real person again.

Easter R5 April 2019

Your community met my need at a crossroads in my life. Thank you. I think it is the rootedness of your community that helped especially. I was particularly grateful for your level access shower!

Private Retreat April 2019

The whole atmosphere of peacefulness, quiet and respect for the needs of one on a retreat. Caring and gentleness from those who work here. And, of course, the sheer joy of the beautiful environment. The very high standards of the accommodation. Thank you.

Private Retreat April 2019

The accommodation is clean, comfortable and spacious, the grounds are wonderful and well maintained and the staff unobtrusive, but helpful. You have given the opportunity in this glorious place, to have quiet and stillness amidst the beauty. Thank you. [It would have been helpful if] the Prayer Walk leaflet have been offered on arrival.

Private Retreat March 2019

Everything that was provided was so thoughtfully set out. The Pig Pen was immaculately clean, comfortable, warm and inviting. The grounds are so beautiful, watching the birds and being one with nature has been a healing and restoring experience. Thanking God for all.

Private Retreat March 2019

Angela Tilby was excellent - an unusual and interesting theme. You looked after us wonderfully well - warm, comfortable accommodation and good food (and plenty of it!) lots of free time appreciated, especially the long afternoons - time to read and walk. Silence appreciated. [It would have been helpful if] a water glass was provided in the bathrooms. [Webeditor: yes, we're currently rolling out water glasses for every bathroom and hospitality trays for every bedroom.]

Discerning the Angel March 2019

Someone from the Community was on standby as I arrived at Reception and helped by taking care of my heavy trolley case and showing me to my accommodation. My bed was wonderfully comfortable and the en suite bathroom had clearly been recently refurbished with brand new shower and fitments. In the upstairs chapel the standard print Night Prayer booklets are difficult to read, especially if the lights are dimmed for compline. One evening I was pleased to find a large print copy which was much easier. [Webeditor: sorry - we'll print some more large copy versions.]

Discerning the Angel March 2019

There was space within the programme for reflection and walking, so time to digest the workshop input. Wonderful hospitality and welcome thank you.

Enneagram Workshop March 2019

The environment was restful and relaxing. The course content was stimulating and gave a lot of food for thought. The art room - ohh the art room!! This was my favourite!! What a joy just to be able to play! The room was comfy and hospitable - the welcome was good. The rules were great to have in place (no clergy talk). I know drinks were readily available but I would really have liked some hospitality in the room - a kettle and a couple of mugs for instance. [Webeditor: yes, we're just in the process of rolling this out and putting hospitality trays in every room.] The course was very didactic. I would have appreciated a bit more variety in the delivery. Thank you.

Enneagram Workshop March 2019

[This week] offered a safe space just to be. No obligations - no 'I should' 'I ought to' which in turn I could tell myself. No shop talk - again which I could insist on in my own 'chattering mind.' Wonderful generous care and service by the community and volunteers ... You preserve a beautiful space with authenticity and love.

12,000 Mile Service February 2019

You put so much thought and care into everything. Your hospitality is superb and the accommodation is all extremely comfortable and of very high quality. Whatever I needed was there, already thought of before I knew I needed it! There was just the right balance between space and activity and it was all very permission-giving, nothing obligatory, everything completely optional.

12,000 Mile Service February 2019

Relaxed atmosphere - appreciated the spirit of a silent retreat without the legalism of one. Tasty home cooked food - even enjoyed things I thought I didn't like! The setting - I felt so connected and loved by God through creation. Walk sheets were so helpful. All the extra bits were great too e.g. spare towels, hair dryer etc. Loved Margaret Whipp - made us feel at ease so quickly. The range of spaces to encourage encounter is great - the outdoors, labyrinth, art shed, chapels, library, loads of comfy corners inside and out.

Finding your Inner Ignatius February 2019

Good company, good food, good weather, golden silence and surely God's goodness and mercy following me.

Finding your Inner Ignatius February 2019

Friendly, welcoming community. We especially appreciated the Art Shed, well thought out, something for everyone. Thank you. Plus the food was very good and we enjoyed the opportunity to just be.

R5 February 2019

It was peaceful, restful and relaxing. I managed to slow down, to sleep again and to feel connected. It helped me to get my life back into perspective so I could look forward again. And the food was wonderful.

R5 February 2019

This was just what I need - peace, quiet, beautiful surroundings. I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you for making this possible.

Private Retreat February 2019

Thank you for creating a very special place, where we have been able to relax and meet with the Lord. The Roost has been so well equipped, warm and such a blessing - everything "ministers". We are refreshed and recharged.

Private Retreat February 2019

It was complete relaxation with congenial company, rural surroundings for exploring on foot, and varied and interesting meals and snacks. One could be active or idle, it was a pleasure to admire the view and watch the wild birds. Grateful thanks to all the Sheldon team. It was a joy to start the new year with a communion at 8.30am.

New Year Time Out January 2019

I have had a wonderful few days, doing nothing, laughing a lot, eating well, visiting Exeter, lovely people, all staff lovely. I feel I've been looked after. Thank you so much.

New Year Time Out January 2019

The retreat was led so well, with such sensitivity, humour and patience. The meals were so delicious and the possibility of walks fantastic, even when dodging the showers. The chapel is a very special place for prayer - and the little medieval chapel a haven of quiet and depth of feeling. The daily Eucharist for our retreat was at the heart of it all, thank you!

John Pritchard Retreat November 2018

Rooms were well equipped and private. Meals were 'homely' and well prepared. Staff, particularly in the kitchen, were excellent and the chef team under Tim were exceptional with their willingness to accommodate special diets. Whole facility clean to a high standard.

John Pritchard Retreat November 2018

Time and space to 'be'. Time to reconnect with God and recharge spiritual batteries. Lovely people - guests, community and volunteers. Perfect mix for me of social time and time alone. Beautiful facilities and surroundings (and food!)

12,000 Mile Service November 2018

It gave me time to consider who I am. The 'one to one' sessions in particular were very helpful. The jacuzzi and massage were very enjoyable and relaxing. The workshop on 'focus' was very helpful - something I will use a lot.

12,000 Mile Service November 2018

I write to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and holding when I came to Sheldon on my private retreat. Although I only saw you in passing it was just great to know that I wasn't simply in a quiet venue like a privately booked holiday cottage, but that I was part of your community and was being held in the love and prayer that goes with that.

Private Retreat November 2018

Thank you so much for your powerful ministry and selfless love. It's enough to trigger God's healing process in those of us who come to Sheldon sometimes battered and bruised by "friendly fire" in the cause of our Christian service. The Lord bless you all.

Private Retreat November 2018

The peacefulness of this place enabled me to be free from cares. Good food. Prayers and chapels available. Great company of community and visitors. Thank you.

R5 November 2018

It was just what I needed - space just to be with no demands placed upon me - to read, sleep, walk, pray. I can go back feeling that the next months are manageable rather than insurmountable, and I have had the time and space to begin to work out how my pattern of life might become more sustainable. It will always be a work in progress!

R5 November 2018

I had the freedom to be, to play, to explore, to do things that I enjoy. I like the space at Sheldon. I like the labyrinth.

Private Retreat October 2018

It gave me the space I needed to seek out God's plan for my ministry through prayer, private reflection, reading and being in nature. The rule of 'no clergy shop talk' meant I didn't have to worry about having to keep explaining who I am and my journey. Although, having the opportunity to verbalise my thoughts and my journey with a team member enabled me to clarify where I am. It has been a wonderful experience.

12,000 Mile Service October 2018

The 1:1 sessions helped me deal with my problems and the underlying attitudes I carry which needed to be healed (that continues). The care and loving kindness of the team and volunteers is incredibly refreshing and restorative. Everything was excellent. I am very grateful to the team, community, alongsiders and volunteers.

12,000 Mile Service October 2018

Such a beautiful, peaceful setting (and wonderful weather!), lovely grounds, excellent information, great selection of walks, OS map, very comfortable and reasonable accommodation, the Art Shed - fantastic materials brilliantly organised. Just what I needed right now.

Private Retreat October 2018

Sheldon has a magical peace that is quite unique. The time and space to just be left alone to pray or recharge the batteries is made perfect by the caring and dedicated staff here. Walking the labyrinth is a wonderful uplifting experience that will draw us back to Sheldon many times in the future.

Private Retreat September 2018

I enjoyed the balance between led content and restful silence. Margaret's insights were inspirational and it was lovely to wander around the woods and countryside reflecting on wheat had arisen for me. I love the morning and evening worship in the chapel with its thoughtful liturgy and gentle pace. I also enjoyed the food and was grateful for the cheerful and careful attention to my special diet. Everything was perfect - thank you.

Margaret Silf Retreat August 2018

Warm welcome, clear information, good accommodation - actually superb! Quiet, reflective atmosphere with lots of spaces and space. Food excellent, catering for all needs. Coffee and tea making facilities and biscuits etc. easily accessible. An excellent place to rest and restore.

Margaret Silf Retreat August 2018

Lovely people, great practical arrangements, really helpful timings and clear plans e.g. for meals, such care and attention to detail, beautiful setting.

Family Holiday Week August 2018

Thank you Sheldon for a brilliant family holiday week. This is our eighth year and we still love it. So much wonderful space to explore and unwind in. Great food and staff. It's been a family fun packed week. See you next year!

Family Holiday Week August 2018

As always, I was given space, lovely, clean accommodation (I loved my Hen Run!) with everything I could possibly need, a warm welcome. I have so enjoyed my stay. Sheldon is such an oasis of peace - much needed! Thank you all.

Private Retreat August 2018

Thank you for a lovely stay this week. Meals great - and couldn't have had better weather. Thank you for all you do.

R5 July 2018

This has been a wonderful and invaluable gift from God. Much needed! Everything about this place was conducive to physical and spiritual rest. Jan's massage was fab! Thank you so much to the Sheldon Community for making this such a special place.

Private Retreat July 2018

I found my stay at Sheldon helpful because of the space to be in solitude and silence with God and no demands on expectations. It was a time for me to let go and let God, to be embraced in the depths of his love and to have my soul restored. I could just be and be present to God. I find the labyrinth very helpful and also the peace of the Linhay garden. Also really helpful to be somewhere where my special diet could be catered for rather than having to be self catering and to have to think!

Private Retreat June 2018

The sessions were excellent - a good balance of scholarship, reflection and challenge with really useful questions and prayer exercises. The best I have experienced for a long time. It will very much enrich my ministry and lead me on. The whole place/ people was/were very restoring and it was very comfortable with excellent food. Thank you so much.

Another Christ Retreat June 2018

It was perfect (the weather helped) the peace and beauty of the place, the care of staff and how well cared for the rooms, buildings, gardens and whole site were.

Another Christ Retreat June 2018

The beauty of the countryside was wonderful. The room was very comfortable and the food lovely and plentiful. Everything was done to make my stay as easy as possible, so without being directed, it was easy to hear from God.

R5 June 2018

My stay at Sheldon gave me space and time to reflect, rest and relax before I move on to a new appointment. Many thanks for another wonderful retreat. I very much appreciate all that Sheldon has to offer. God bless you all in your continuing ministry.

R5 June 2018

Thank you for all that you offer here at Sheldon - the warm welcome and good hospitality, for thinking of our needs and for the simplicity and gentleness which pervades. Thank you for leaving me alone to do what I came to do, to have rest and quiet with God.

Private Retreat June 2018

We have particularly loved ... the umbrella on arrival - in a huge downpour; the beautiful grounds; the attention to detail; the art room - AMAZING; the peace; the feeling of love; the bird song; the wealth of books and use of the library; gallons of hot water!; cute sheep; freedom; rest; the flowers on the table; the gentle presence of hospitality and service; ecological and fairtrade awareness. We LOVE Sheldon!!

Private Retreat May 2018

We have had a truly amazing retreat. It's been so lovely to return after 4 years (too long!) The place has such a peaceful feel! We really loved the art room - what a delight. A place to try out new things or return to old loves. A place for creative expression. A real gift. We hope to return very soon!! Thank you so much for your gentle and prayerful companionship on our retreat.

Private Retreat May 2018

There was no pressure, freedom to just be.

R5 May 2018

Stripped of my role, where I come from, my denomination, I discovered other aspects of myself, and subsequently other people in more depth than I anticipated. Having my own room, my name on the door, the flowers on the table all made me feel valued and welcomed. I've been fed spiritually and physically.

Seeing the Light in Life May 2018

Excellent welcome, food, grounds, peace and the addition of good weather. I couldn't have asked for more, and a good photography retreat.

Seeing the Light in Life May 2018

I felt held in the love of God expressed through creation and the community (and volunteers). I was enabled to be still, connect with some deep personal history and encounter God. It was something of a surprise, but I feel so grateful for this part of my journey. The 'house rules' are very important - thank you for insisting. The food, hospitality, attentive care were very cherishing. To receive such grace was incredibly restorative.

12,000 Mile Service April 2018

Warm hospitality, beautiful surroundings, attention to detail re comfort and facilities, freedom to dip in/ out, whole experience has been refreshing and restorative.

12,000 Mile Service April 2018

I found my stay at Sheldon helpful and enjoyable because of the peace and tranquillity, and the beauty of God's creation and signs of new birth. To have the space to think or pray, and to listen to God in this 'thin' place. Thank you for the nourishing meals and the comfortable accommodation, and Community prayers.

Private Retreat April 2018

Sheldon is, as ever, a place of warm and welcoming hospitality. It is well-run, well-maintained, clean and comfortable - every detail is covered. Stephen had clearly put a great deal of thought and care into the material he shared with us. Grateful thanks to the great team of staff and volunteers who make all this possible.

Stephen Cherry Retreat April 2018

This was an excellent retreat. I had read one of Stephen Cherry's books as well as Dame Julian's Revelations. I found Rev. Cherry's commentary and elucidation of the Middle English text quite fascinating and enriching - I had read the book as a literary text rather than a theological one - and found the entire experience extraordinarily interesting. Every session was  lucid, clear, enlightening and I particularly enjoyed the readings ... The food is great here, the community very kind and supportive. Thank you. Sheldon is a very special place - the landscape is stunningly beautiful (as are the sheep) and the weather actually pulled itself together! I feel renewed and restored. I went for wonderful walks which did me good, and I liked/ felt supported by having a regular programme of talks and prayers/ holy communion. I am very grateful to this place (and all who sail in her!) - thank you.

Stephen Cherry Retreat April 2018

It's becoming a home-from-home, having been here 3 times now. It is good, safe space to rest and recharge. And talk to lambs, and 'play' in the art shed, and look at the primroses, and sit in the garden, and contemplate in the sanctuary ... Just wish I could stay longer! 

Private Retreat April 2018

Gentle, encouraging and very helpful workshop leader. Excellent food. Relaxing safe atmosphere. Comfortable clean rooms with everything that was needed. Measured, calm and inspirational worship. The rhythm of life here is peaceful, unhurried and prayerful.

Low Sunday R5 and Writing for Pleasure Workshop April 2018

Your wonderful hospitality restores my soul! I particularly valued prayer in the labyrinth that enabled me to resolve some issues I'd brought with me. I shall return home refreshed and in good spirit.

Low Sunday R5 April 2018

Here was time and space and resources to stimulate reflection and creativity. There was no pressure to conform to any timetable or daily pattern. It has been a time of refreshing.

Private Retreat April 2018

I came exhausted physically and mentally and emotionally. On high vigilance. The calm of the surroundings and the people running this place. The 1-1 and the jacuzzi/ massage attended to all my needs. The lovely food stocking my fridge meant I ate regularly and healthily. Thank you so much. I leave feeling rested and with new energy. My body has relaxed beyond belief and I've found time here also to play - the art shed was also an invaluable resource in my recovery.

Private Retreat March 2018

The peace of this place, wonderful facilities and amazing loving hospitality provided "time out" from normal daily concerns allowing me to participate fully in the course on offer. Walking alone in the woods at dawn was deeply spiritual! Something I will always remember. Thank you so much for everything.

Black Sheep and Prodigals March 2018

Sheldon was an ideal place to hold this retreat as we were surrounded by the beautiful countryside - the sunshine was a bonus. I found the course thought-provoking and inspiring - much to think over. Thank you for allowing me once more to enjoy staying in your very special place - to be surrounded by the beautiful Devon hills, the peace, the comfort, the good food and the welcome is a spiritual joy.

Black Sheep and Prodigals March 2018

I learned a great deal about the Enneagram personality indicator, and think I discovered more about myself - but also found the amount of information given confused me rather. It was good, though, to return to Sheldon and to share with like-minded people. The hospitality and accommodation was superb, as usual. Many many thanks, too, for the extra days of hospitality due to the snow - so generously and graciously given. God bless everyone - and thank God for Sheldon and it's community. I was only sorry the weather found country walks difficult!

Enneagram Workshop March 2018

It's warm and comfortable in beautiful surroundings. Good conference facilities, attentive staff and lovely food.

Servants and Stewards February 2018

No shop talk - what an inspired set of rules! Hard to stick to but well worth it. Comfortable well equipped accommodation - plus lovely food - what is there not to like. Sheldon is a peaceful, God-centred place, a 'holy bubble' to shut out the demands of the world. A place to truly be at one with God's creation - and be pampered as well!

12,000 Mile Service February 2018

This is a place of holy, open space. You take such beautiful, thoughtful care of your guests. It's good to have the opportunity to do consecrated nothing.

12,000 Mile Service February 2018

Sheldon provided a place to pray, rest and walk in God's creation. You have constructed a Holy place where you can feel the peace of God. 

Private Retreat February 2018

This is a truly wonderful place to step back, pray, read and re-charge emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thank you for making it special and for the beautiful cleanliness and the little special touches. 

Private Retreat February 2018

R5 - just the right balance between sociability and alone-time. Library was helpful, and chapel times.
Work party - great to work alongside others in a sensitively structured setting - i.e. you make the decisions, we just enjoy a sense of achievement!
Both - prayerful, loving hospitality, great food, very special Candlemas celebration.

Candlemas Workparty and R5 February 2018

I relaxed as soon as I got here. A breath of fresh air in a busy term. I feel like I've been here a week - not just a weekend. Your hospitality and attention to detail was staggering.

Private Retreat January 2018

Once again my time here has been a huge blessing - time to stop, think, reflect, reassess and prepare for what's next in a peaceful Christ centred atmosphere - thank you. Thank you for catering for my gluten free meals.

New Year R5 January 2018

The kindness and care of the community and volunteers. The very best of home made/ home grown food. One-one sessions - v. v. grateful for these. Massage sessions - relaxing, I knew what to expect after the first session, steadily the same and unobtrusive. A safe place at a vulnerable time. A sacred place knowing there is the rhythm of daily prayer. The different spaces to inhabit, including the labyrinth and the Art Shed. Thank you.

Private Retreat January 2018

Just what was needed after a busy time with family, concerts, services etc. Beautiful surroundings, comfort, peace, warm welcome, amazing massage, comfortable accommodation and delicious food - loved all the fruit and veg and enjoyed the traditional casseroles.

Private Retreat January 2018

The warm welcome. The quiet under-girding prayer. The superb and flexible accommodation - we used the Long Barn, with its lounge, kitchen and sun porch - people loved it - especially the picture windows ... meditating while looking out over a beautiful winter landscape. Being able to walk as well as talk and be quiet - the winter woodland trails, and the labyrinth, that delighted and fascinated several of the group. Prayer as a journey IN, then OUT - on the 'Godincidences' of turning points and reversals on their life's journey. Jan's intro was wonderful - a cheerful chatty glimpse of the whole history of the Community of Mary and Martha and the characters old and young who make you up. Thank you.

Parish Advent Quiet Day December 2017

We found our stay enjoyable because it provided the perfect venue for our large family get together - comfortable beds, en-suite rooms and plenty of space to eat and relax, play games including a murder mystery! We have had a fantastic time and are grateful for such a venue. Thank you.

Family Celebration December 2017

I found my stay very helpful. I could hear God clearly through His word. Very quiet and peaceful environment. My purpose for coming was successfully achieved. I loved it.

Private Retreat December 2017

The quiet. The facilities are excellent and the staff helpful and unobtrusive. It was warm and comfortable. Many thanks indeed for all your help and assistance ... Our folks still went out and enjoyed walks between showers.

Parish Quiet Day December 2017

It has been a very busy year and the peace of this place has been a real blessing. I leave feeling much relaxed and refreshed - spiritually and physically. Thank you. Just what I needed. 

Private Retreat December 2017

Peaceful and quiet - setting, uninterrupted.
Relaxing - comfortable, massage, able to lie in!
Reflective - time and space to read and pray.
Expansive - able to run and go for walks.
Beautiful - helped by the weather.

Private Retreat December 2017

This week gave me time to re-connect with God. Time alone, time in prayer left to just get on with it. No expectations. My visit was relaxing, prayerful and inspirational.

12,000 Mile Service November 2017

I was me, not defined by my role or title, merely a disciple, as were we all. It was very liberating. I really enjoyed the lack of an agenda and expectations and loved my time in the art shed. I particularly enjoyed walking the labyrinth as I prayed.

12,000 Mile Service November 2017

I felt so well cared for spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. The retreat was the most helpful and valuable I've ever been on, with exceptional input and space to reflect. I was carrying a serious anxiety ... but I felt I couldn't have been in a better place than this to be waiting for news. I'm grateful to the whole of your community. Hearing the names of those of my friends being prayed for during the week gave me a great sense of connection with others through prayer.

Janet Morley Retreat November 2017

The programme was perfect - content, sensitivity, amount, timings, creative - absolutely wonderful and very helpful. Worship was simply lovely. The unlocked doors really helped get me in a new place. It might be helpful to remind people to bring a big towel. Another sunny day would have helped! [Webeditor: Information about whether or not guests need to bring towels is on the booking confirmation email, but we're always happy to provide one when people forget or don't realise they've been asked to bring one]

Janet Morely Retreat November 2017

Simon Parke was very good - I think the best retreat I've been on. Lots to think about. He was also obviously very caring about all the retreatants. Accommodation as wonderful as ever - warm rooms, excellent meals, caring staff. Details of local walks greatly appreciated. Upkeep of gardens and woodland fantastic!

Simon Parke Retreat November 2017

A fruitful, albeit challenging, retreat. People are happy/ mutually supportive here. You affirm your guests - and you are a happy and wholesome community. There is a 'healthy' atmosphere. A request - a few more (non sheep) postcards suitable to send to children please. [Webeditor: Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly look into adding a wider range of child-friendly postcards in future]

Simon Parke Retreat November 2017

Sheldon has been such a blessing to me in a time of need. The guidance, healing, restoration and rest, the Lord has given in abundance through His beauty in this place - the grounds, the building, the people. I had a stocked larder which was so wonderful. I even produced a 'work of art' in the brilliant art shed and I'm not 'art inclined.' I go back home with a new found joy, lightness in my spirit and restored hope. Thank you everyone. I will be back. Anyone who comes here surely can only sense His presence and so go home changed.

Private Retreat November 2017

It is so peaceful and quiet. The rooms are warm and cosy and spotless. I could quite happily live here for the rest of my days. The grounds are stunning. Every last detail has been thought out. The art materials brought me real joy at being able to try my hand with different materials. I feel refreshed and revitalised. I particularly enjoyed watching the birds feed from my window.

Private Retreat November 2017

The members of the community were all very helpful when we needed them. They were friendly, but sensitive and discreet when we met them around the place. The food [stocked larder] is lovely. There is plenty of it, and it's no trouble if you ask for extra of anything. The home-made food is particularly enjoyable - compliments to the chefs - the soups deserve a special mention. You are to be congratulated!

Private Retreat November 2017

Space, beauty of surroundings, warm hospitality, worship, silence, good combination of silence and chat, lovely leader and good spiritual input, great to have the space to be creative, to try new things and the massage was just heavenly!

Contemplative Crafting Retreat November 2017

Wonderful venue, location and facilities with generous hospitality. Anne and George were brilliant in retreat leading and inspiring creativity. The sessions were absorbing and refreshing at the same time.

Contemplative Crafting Retreat November 2017 

Our visit was helpful and enjoyable because of the environment, the ambience and the friendliness of both staff and other guests. The community's efforts in lowering greenhouse gas emissions is notable and very commendable.

Church Weekend Away October 2017

It was so peaceful and supportive. The accommodation was excellent; nice and warm, too. The food was fantastic - and perfect for my dietary requirements. Lots of resources and clear instructions. Massage and 1:1s were most beneficial. I had a wonderful week, thank you.

Private Retreat October 2017

Very well-appointed accommodation in peaceful surroundings, with lovely attention to detail and all our needs met. It is so easy to be silent for reflection and to come away feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Andrew Nunn Retreat October 2017

I have loved being in the home of Mary and Martha. The loving kindness and care for us is expressed in everything: the beautifully prepared rooms (and flowers), the lovingly prepared meals, the gift of space and corporate silence and prayer, the grounded wisdom, the hospitality, the warmth of welcome, the culture. Thank you for the Art Room. Thank you for the Hub.

Andrew Nunn Retreat October 2017

I enjoyed watching the birds feeding from the bird feeder - it helps me to remember that God feeds us all and provides for us all. It is so helpful to be somewhere where you are out in the middle of nowhere. Away from the bustle of town and village life. The 'letting go.' The being able to leave your room unlocked which is a massive thing. It helps you to put your trust in God and people again.

Andrew Nunn Retreat October 2017

We were met on arrival, booked in and shown around the Pound House - and how to make drinks! When the whole group were together we were given all the necessary information and then left undisturbed. A lovely lunch was served followed at 3pm with tea and cake. For us all it was a perfect retreat. Thank you all so much.

Pinhoe Prayer Breakfast Group October 2017

A happy and blessed stay at Sheldon - as always. You get the balance between hospitality and individual space just right. The Pig Pen had everything I needed for self catering and it was good to join with you in Community Prayer.

Private Retreat October 2017

I came here for many years when I was in full-time ministry as an oasis in a very hectic life. This is my second visit since retirement and it still means a lot to me. It's a safe place where I feel cared for and can work out issues and plan the future. As a single person there is a particular sense at being looked after that is very welcome. Well worth the 340 mile journey that I now have to make!

R5 October 2017

My stay at Sheldon gave me time to rest (only here did I realise how tired I was) and relax and enjoy mouth watering home cooked food and meet some wonderful people. As always Sheldon exceeds all other places of relaxation.

R5 October 2017

My stay in the Pig Pens was fantastic. What an amazing resource - I have been so comfortable and loved the facilities of the room and indeed the whole complex.

Private Retreat October 2017

Thank you for all that the Sheldon Centre gave to me in the few days I spent with you. Acceptance, a willingness to stay and listen were the spiritual, emotional gifts you gave. Practical help with food and shelter added to the sense of being 'held' within the love of God.

Private Retreat October 2017

I found this week useful because it provided a safe place away to consider the way beyond the ministry post I am in. Helpful because of the 1:1 time to unload recent history and be encouraged that I have experience to offer in a new post. Enjoyable because of the welcome and care from the Sheldon Community and volunteers, as well as the always lovely environment. My visit was affirming, reassuring, life-giving.

12,000 Mile Service October 2017

A wonderful space. Aware of being prayed for. Well appointed Hen Run, nice and quiet. We were self catering and ran out of a few things - it would be helpful to be able to buy fruit/veg/cake from the kitchen or shop - sometimes there has been a box of surplus veg which is good. [Webeditor: It's always worth asking, and sometimes we have garden or other surplus, but we don't have enough demand to keep an actual shop running]

Private Retreat October 2017

So uplifting - the peace and solitude. All lovely as usual.

Quiet Day September 2017

Sheldon is the perfect refuge - one can be totally oneself - a rare luxury.

Linhay Lodge September 2017

I came on the recommendation of colleagues and because I wanted a breathing space before an interview for a new post. I'm blown away by the peace, beauty and comfort, and the sense of being held in prayer. Thank you so much for your ministry and may it continue to be as richly blessed as it has blessed me this weekend.

Linhay Lodge September 2017

Lovely location, surrounded by green fields and trees. Very quiet (at least until we arrived!). Every facility that we needed. Warm welcome given. An ideal opportunity for us to get to know other members of our congregation better and to develop our Christian community.

Parish Weekend Away September 2017

The utmost care that is taken for every aspect of my stay - the room, the food, the caring staff, the beautiful surroundings - it provides a backdrop where it is possible to meet God in peace and beauty.

Private Retreat August 2017

I have felt cherished. The lodge is comfortable with lovely homely touches. The surroundings are beautiful - such an atmosphere and ethos of care for the environment, so evident with the abundance of wildlife. I have been nourished physically and spiritually - such peace. The Retreat Lectionary has been particularly helpful. Thank you for the prayer and care which has gone into making Sheldon what it is.

Linhay Lodge August 2017

Peace and quiet, beautiful views, space to walk and wander, holy places to pray. Nothing was required of us, no deadlines to meet or schedule to follow. The hospitality was SO thoughtful and generous and flexible. We think that you have just about got it perfect. One suggestion would be to have some facilities for exercise, e.g. an exercise bike/ gym.

Linhay Lodge August 2017

We felt loved and cared for. Everything we needed was here. The Art Shed - Wow - Brilliant. Sheldon is a perfect holiday, a fabulous refuge for those of us in ministry.

Clergy Family Holiday Week August 2017

Another fantastic week filled with fun and laughter, meeting old friends and new. A great safe space for our children to explore with such a sense of freedom. Wonderful food, helpers and scenic views. So lovely to spend quality, family time together. That's why we keep coming back and will be back again next year, and for many years to come.

Clergy Family Holiday Week August 2017

I found my stay enjoyable because of its glorious setting in beautiful countryside and the peaceful, encouraging and reflective atmosphere. The facilities made the stay a wonderful experience - lovely rooms, coffee and tea making easy and biscuits! The community members were so helpful. The food was nutritious and lovingly prepared. All in all, a special experience.

Maragret Silf Retreat August 2017

My accommodation in the Pig Pen was ideal. Everything I needed was provided. I was far older than the others and they were so kind. I had time to think - watching the birds enjoying their nuts was a highlight of the week. So peaceful, the programme was well thought out.

Margaret Silf Retreat August 2017

It is blissfully relaxing. We loved the Roost - its secluded privacy and french windows, ease of use and general comfort. Thank you, lovely Sheldon people, for facilitating all this and creating the atmosphere.

Private retreat August 2017

My stay had all the great features that make me return - quiet (and community), beauty, space, practical care and an extraordinary sense of being led and taught by God. This time I had the added joys of the Art Shed. Thank you!

Linhay Lodge July 2017

My stay has given me space to pray, rest, read and reignite my desire to follow Jesus. Thank you all for your welcome and quiet service.

Private Retreat July 2017

We love the peace and quiet, the possibility to explore places we hadn't been before. Comfortable, really well laid out and thought out accommodation. Great views. Effective and pain relieving massage. Space to just be with no pressure to 'do'. 

Linhay Lodge July 2017

I found the combination of relaxation and refreshment together with the stimulus of engagement with Erica Longfellow a good balance. Erica's thorough planning and preparation made the two day programme informative and spiritually strengthening. The small size of the group enabled sharing at an intimate level. She is a delightful leader who gave an assurance of trust and 'safety' within the group.

R5 and Unruly Women July 2017

The care and consideration taken generally, and the attention to detail in the pre-planning and delivery of the whole experience. Specifically, Erica Longfellow is such an interesting, stimulating leader. The small group worked well.

Unruly Women July 2017

I found the Art shed quite overwhelming at first with so many materials on offer to use. But the space was so conducive to creativity, that I soon settled in and just had so much fun. This is a very valuable resource and I can see by the work left on the walls how much it is appreciated by all who spend time there.

R5 July 2017

This was the 3rd and final visit to Sheldon of my 3 month Sabbatical. I found the level of care and attention to be just what I needed. I felt supported and looked out for, whilst just being able to do my own thing.
The food was, as always, was very good and punctuating the day with meals and snacks was very helpful for me, especially being with other people. I found that the community at Sheldon were focused on what I needed and I am very grateful for this. A big thank you to Sheldon Community and also to the volunteers who gave up their time to serve.

R5 July 2017

By way of thanks, I would like to share a poem I found in your library one wet afternoon:
A gentle place
In the learning of love
You'll need a gentle place
To which you can go
When the wounds seem too much to bear.
A place where the speaking is honest,
The confusion is acknowledged
And the hurt is bathed.
When you know your life is hugged
You are there....
Simon Parke -The Learning of Love

Linhay Lodge July 2017

Sheldon exemplifies loving service and this was so evident throughout the week. Thank you for the warmth of welcome, the attention to detail and the freedom from stress and pressure. Mark's retreat inspired, challenged, confirmed but also opened my eyes in fresh ways. First class!

The Splash of Words Retreat June 2017

Even though I knew that a retreat at Sheldon, led by Mark Oakley, on the subject of poetry would not disappoint, it exceeded all expectations. This week has been transformative! A journey through poetry that was personal, informative, inspirational - touching the soul again and again. I was surprised and delighted that for the most part it was a silent retreat. Excellent facilities, dedicated staff and volunteers create a peaceful welcome and wholesome meals. Delighted to discover the Art Shed and once again indulge in a wonderful therapeutic massage.

The Splash of Words Retreat June 2017

My stay provided the perfect opportunity to get away and spend time with God. The Lodge provides everything you need. The grounds are perfect to wander around and explore. I particularly valued the garden and sanctuary as areas that could only be accessed by those on private retreat. Thank you.

Linhay Lodge June 2017

I came to Sheldon for the first time last year - & still remember that 'wow' on arrival, of thinking: people who don't even know me care enough to provide all this for me.  This year, I knew what to expect and so came looking forward to something familiar and good - & Sheldon has more than lived up to that expectation. I particularly value:
- The sense of 'settledness' here, which is very soothing - I feel safe & secure here at a very deep level
- The practical things, like the standard of cleanliness - such a blessing to enjoy as my Rectory is never that clean!
- The fact that Sheldon is about caring for mind, body & spirit - the whole person
- Talking to the sheep
- Watching young birds tuck into the peanuts
- Sitting in the Linhay garden (the Med. garden looks lovely this year)
- Getting to know a new resident Bear, as I'm in a different Lodge this time
- The food, esp. the stews, & the provision of extra fruit as I'd asked for no puddings
- This year the Art Room was a brilliant discovery, even for one who doesn't think she is very 'artistic'
And whereas last year I wanted complete solitude, this year I felt able to join in prayers & go for a massage - so even in a small way, it's been lovely to get to know the community a bit better.

Private Retreat June 2017

Sheldon has become my spiritual home from home - from the moment of arriving I feel its healing touch beginning. Accommodation that is just right, looking out at a view that lifts the spirits and the quiet, unobtrusive upholding by the Sheldon Community. Truly you are a wonderful gift to the Church.

Private Retreat June 2017

I just wanted to thank you for a brilliant weekend retreat with you. It was just what I needed - time, space, quiet and solitude to think, to pray, to be, to listen, to enjoy the beauty of creation. I came away refreshed and with the sense that I had heard God's still, quiet voice that is so hard to hear in the busy-ness of life, and so have a clearer sense of "what's next". (although selfishly another 24 hours would have been amazing!) What perhaps touched me more than anything was the kind thoughtfulness of the way you do things at Sheldon, such as the coffee in the fridge, packet of biscuits, wine glasses, cafetiere, etc. It's that extra small stuff that communicates something of the Father's love. Thank you! I have every expectation I'll be back!

Private Retreat May 2017

I came more tired than I realised and left feeling rested and relaxed with some new ideas to try. Working in the art shed was pure joy. I found it a friendly, non- threatening space, either alone or working alongside others. When painting with acrylics, said the helpful guide book, the brush strokes are part of the picture and meant to show. I began to think about letting others see the "brush strokes" in my life when things were difficult rather than hiding away or pretending everything was "fine".
I wondered what it would be like, this Easter, being a guest rather than part of the volunteer work party and whether I would feel out of things. It was made easy because the distinction between guest and volunteer was clear (guests could walk away from the washing up!) and there was still the feeling of "family" which I have always enjoyed about work parties.

R5 April 2017

The utter peace - not just the wonderful surroundings but the 'prayed-in' peace. All equipment we needed (though more up-to-date hob-plates whenever they need replacing!)Thank you! A huge thank you!

Linhay Lodge April 2017

Space to think and pray. Especially liked that there is no mobile signal.

Private Retreat April 2017

The staff were helpful, caring and unintrusive, but also around when needed. The menu was varied and delicious. The weekend gave us all the time and space needed to relax in peace and tranquillity. There was nothing we would have changed, the whole weekend was wonderful. Thank you so much and we all look forward to seeing you all next year. 

Women's 12 step retreat March 2017

We enjoyed the space and setting - but also the proximity of towns and city. We need enough people!The hour with Carl was very helpful, especially following on where I was at my last visit 2 years ago.Thank you to everyone who made out visit possible! God bless you and your ministry.

Private Retreat March 2017

The Linhay Lodge was perfect - particularly the view! The stocked larder was ample and enjoyable to eat. The space to do my own thing without anyone around. Nothing could improve it at all. Thank you very much.

Linhay Lodge March 2017

The retreat leader was excellent!
Food was brilliant... recipes I will try at home. Jacuzzi was such a treat - what a great addition. I was able to rest & reflect & face some of my own challenges - in a supportive environment.

Ian Mobsby retreat March 2017

When I come to Sheldon, I'm not always sure what I need, but God knows, and somehow I usually find it!
The vegetarian food has been very good this week. Thank you for the care and sensitive approach and for the prayers which are offered. It makes Sheldon a very special place.
I think it's great that Sheldon runs programmes like the Enneagram event which has been so popular this week. However, had I realised that Sheldon would be SO busy this week, as a result of the workshop, I probably would not have come this week. After a couple of meals with the large group I took the option of meals on a tray - for which I was very very grateful. [Webeditor: yes, it turned out to be exceptionally full and busy - we have re-thought this particular combination for 2018 so it doesn't recur.]

R5 March 2017

 The comfort and level of service within the accommodation were excellent. The beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings allowed us to focus calmly and in depth on ourselves and our next steps in life. Getting away from our busy schedules, communicating with like minded people in informal settings and enjoying healthy food and fresh air was just what we needed.

Ladies' 12 step retreat group March 2017

I love the Sheldon rules, it made it possible to chat without bringing work sneaking into my retreat. It was useful to have wifi so I could Skype with my husband.
I'm finding it hard to suggest any improvements! Maybe a bit of quiet background music at meals? Makes it easier to keep quieter in a big group sometimes. Although I liked sharing meals, I will try one of the lodges, pig pens or hen runs next time. I just wanted to make sure I had enough people time. This is the first retreat centre I have been to and straight away wanted to book another visit.

R5 March 2017

I was given the space, privacy & freedom to use my time here as I wished, without any expectations placed on me. The facilities were perfect for my needs & the quietness & solitude exactly what I was needing!
The beauty of the grounds were a balm & if it were possible I would have loved to stay longer!

Private retreat March 2017

It has given me some much needed respite from the busyness of parish life. As ever, Sheldon's beautifully maintained surroundings and generous hospitality have been wonderfully restorative, and I am returning home with renewed energy & vision.
You have provided for my every need, including a bath towel, which I realised (on my journey here) that I had forgotten! And the art room is fantastic! Thank you so much to all staff and volunteers - and particularly the members of the community - for providing this unique place of rest and healing.

Enneagram workshop March 2017

There is a relaxed. warm & welcoming feel about the place & people. Non-threatening/non-intrusive atmosphere. Spotlessly clean accommodation, good food & amazing countryside.  Excellent course tutor. Couldn't improve it! Many thanks for all the hard work that goes into maintaining such a retreat.

Enneagram workshop March 2017 

I was exhausted when I arrived at Sheldon after a very busy few weeks. I received such great care and gentleness at every contact with the Sheldon staff who were practical, sensitive and caring from welcome to leaving.
My 1:1 with Sarah was tailored to me and giving me strategies and thoughts to make the best of my time there but also helpful things when I got home. My massage was wonderful. Such care was taken by Jan in such comfortable surroundings.
It was just perfect. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.

Private retreat March 2017

A fabulous place which will become a new retreat place for me. The level of comfort and space and sense of holistic care is exactly what I needed. Offering Jacuzzi & massage helped enormously. Every comfort had been thought of.

Private retreat March 2017

Lovely welcome.  Quiet space to do my own stuff. Conversation that was welcome.  Kind and comfortable Linhay.  I would have found my stay at Sheldon more useful/helpful/enjoyable if I'd had a few more days to be here and even more of the daffodils had been out in the woods!!

Private retreat March 2017 

So good to be here again and to receive such solid support at this time of unexpected anxiety. Thanks for the love and peace.

Private retreat February 2017

The directions given were very clear and helpful. We found the place without any detours! Thomas' Lodge is very comfortably and tastefully furnished to a high standard. Lots of thoughtful touches - flowers/welcome cake/bits and pieces in the cupboard under sink in bathroom... The food is REALLY good. Wholesome, tasty, home-made, varied... really lovely to have so much home-made/home-grown stuff. And congratulations to the person who must have EXCELLENT spatial awareness to fit all that food into a small freezer compartment - hats off to you! We have found the community members and volunteers to be helpful and friendly, and any requests we made were dealt with very efficiently. (The green request forms work well!) Sometimes having lots of notices around can seem quite brusque and impersonal, but you've even managed to have a gentle, kindlier tone in the many helpful notices that are scattered around.
Jan, the masseuse, was very gentle and reassuring to a first-timer! The way she explained everything calmly was helpful and put me at my ease.
This is a very tiny thing, and, had we asked, you would no doubt have helped us out - some washing up gloves would have been helpful. [Webeditor: yes - do ask and we'll always try and help with extras!]
It is difficult to see how our stay could have been improved. Thanks very much to all.

Private retreat February 2017

I found this week useful - for 'processing' in a non-judgemental atmosphere - uncomfortable at times, but necessary in order to discover myself again & new direction. Helpful - because I received time 1:1 - listening & spiritual guidance. Enjoyable - because hospitality/care, beautiful surroundings, opportunities to walk, no pressure to join in anything, NO CLERGY SHOP TALK!!, the art shed.
I found the 'space' quite difficult to start with & also the sociability of the meals - but those were my issues, nothing to do with Sheldon! I'm very glad & relieved I came, but it took quite a lot of courage. The no clergy shop talk helped enormously & the clear 'no pressure to attend anything'. A 'buddy' for meals was really appreciated as I felt most vulnerable then. I would have liked a pair of binoculars to borrow to enjoy the birds from the balcony of my room.
3 words to sum up my visit: safe, enlightening, space to grow.
Accommodation comfortable & really well thought out in everything that was provided for us with such care. Grounds and site - fabulous. Worship - I opted out totally. Taken by Surprise workshop met me in just the right place. 1:1 time opened my eyes to art as a way of 'processing' stuff. Just right blend of gentle challenge, spiritual guidance, empathy & good humour. Food wonderful especially the soups. I felt cared for throughout, & prayed for when I couldn't (whether by name or not doesn't matter!)
The no clergy shop talk was absolutely right - but it felt strange at first! The art room was amazingly well equipped - a lovely peaceful space. THANKYOU to all the team for being channels of God's love in so many ways.

12,000-mile Service February 2017

Everything is excellent. Hospitality is so incredibly generous. Whole week so freeing. Time was my own and on day one I thought "my word, what will I do!" No problem "filling" the day with "me time". I have loved it. I am going home encouraged and refreshed. "no clergy talk" BRILLIANT!
My room in the Pound House was very comfortable, thank you so much. Grounds and site beautiful, easy to get about, being on the flat! Worship gentle, helpful, refreshing. Library - hardly used :(
Workshops: Focusing - very insightful, used it throughout week. Sound & Silence - very exciting, we made a very good sound! Taken by Surprise - total surprise, found wonderful poet, filled me with JOY!
Extremely helpful 1:1 with Anne, so many thanks. Massage with Philippa was a real treat, loved it. Food all excellent, wonderful variety, balanced menu. Fat Pigeon very good start to the evening meal. Art Room - very special, am no artist but went most days to play!
It has been a wonderful week, I look forward to coming again, have connected to The Hub.

12,000-mile Service February 2017

Comfortable and warm Pig Pen (Tamworth). Well equipped and comfortable facilities in Long Barn.

LDMT Study break February 2017

It gave me much needed space to look at important issues and seek God's guidance. My discernment was helped and made more enjoyable through the workshops that I attended and the learning from them will go with me. The ability to have a Jacuzzi and massage, far from a frivolity was deeply therapeutic and should not be underestimated.  The 1:1 conversations were so appreciated as they offered challenge, as well as a sense of being deeply listened to.  Overall hugely helpful - thank you. 3 words to sum up my visit: deep yet light-touch. High window in Pound House meant I felt a bit disconnected from the amazing surroundings [Webeditor: yes - sorry - that is downside of medieval cob walls in that building].  However, it did mean I made myself explore outside, I guess!

12,000-mile Service February 2017

Everything I needed was made available.  People were very friendly and helpful.  The Art Shed was a wonderful addition. I felt very peaceful and rested by the end of the week.  The food was very wholesome and tasty.

Graham Knowles retreat February 2017

I felt the gentle healing love of God wash over me in a way I hadn't dared hope for. The loving care which you take of your guests is what so many clergy are used to GIVING but often find they rarely RECEIVE. The fully stocked larder, warm space, and even a reclining chair which helped physical healing. Special mention of the new Art Room. It is such a wonderful addition to your healing offerings! Even if you are not creative, the room gives you the chance to stand on the warm, heated floor, look at the lovely view, think, and even copy of verses of Scripture or lovely quotations - no one needs to be creative to do that, but the meditative copying offered me so much healing time. I reconnected with my faith, and one particular quote really spoke to me during my time there - "O beauty ever ancient, ever new. Too late have I loved you. I was outside and you were within me. And I never found you until I found You within myself." St Augustine

Private retreat February 2017

Very peaceful and free from interruptions. Ideal for self catering. Very comfortable, self contained accommodation. Brilliant WiFi. No phone signal which was a boon! Location is ideal for quiet reflection on Dartmoor. Floor mat in bedroom was very slippery and requires care not to slip. Duvet was too small!! [Webeditor: we're sorting some non-slip backing for the floor mat. Duvets are standard width but always happy to provide a double on request - have put a note on your record to provide this for you on your next visit.]

Private retreat February 2017

It wasn't my first visit or first private retreat. I went again in January because I had valued my previous experiences. Once again, I was most warmly welcomed and made to feel one of the 'family', and no fuss was made of my need for a private retreat. All in all, my short stay of only four days was a bit of heaven on earth, an experience I shall most certainly repeat. Thank you to all the staff (some of whom I recognised but my poor memory could not recall names - my apologies!) and volunteers. You showed Christ's warmth and care in reality! Years ago on my first private retreat, I had found the poor - or even non-existent - signals for my mobile phone an inconvenience (even though you couldn't have moved heaven and earth to suit guests who couldn't leave 'the world' outside your gates!), but this time, I didn't even miss it one little bit! I have grown up more in my spiritual maturity! :-) My apologies for having taken so long to do this exercise!

Private retreat January 2017

Thomas's Lodge was a very homely place to stay and very well furnished. It was all very peaceful and I value the solitude and also the times of brief contact with the community. I valued the one - one sessions and the morning and evening prayer times ( shame didn't continue over the weekend), and of course relaxing in the Jacuzzi. During my time here I have been able to reflect on my ministry and also to re-connect more with God. The only negative to my stay was that I was disappointed in the stocked larder. The food was very good but not what I was expecting from my phone conversation whilst booking the retreat. I felt that the £355.50 that I paid [Webeditor - actually £255 after ministry and long stay discounts = £18.25/day for 2 weeks] was excessive for what was provided given that some items in the larder had already been used by another guest [Webeditor: yes, the items would have been things like jars of marmalade, packets of muesli, bags of coffee etc - we think guests prefer home-style to plastic portions?]. If there is one thing I have taken from retreat is that I should be more open and honest and that is what I have tried to be with this comment. I want to reiterate the food was good but the cost was excessive (sorry).

Private retreat December 2016

I felt welcomed and cared for. Thank you whoever drew the curtains and left the light on as I'd not arrived in the dark before.  As always, I appreciate not having to plan, prepare and clear away meals and really enjoyed the variety. All the hooks in LB8 were useful. I could hook my getting muddy clothes there and hang the tidy ones for evening.  I'm glad wi-fi isn't automatically available. Home again, some of the emails waiting for me tipped me right back into pre- Christmas busyness, it was a good move not to have access to them whilst away. The decorations in the chapel and around the buildings were beautiful.

R5 New Year 2016/2017

The qualities, skills, vision, experience, personality and lightness of touch of the retreat leader were so well suited to his subject. I came with a burden which cannot be removed, but this retreat has eased the load considerably.

Sit, Breathe, Love Retreat December 2016

It enabled me to get away to a quiet place and reflect on my situation. Although my visit served its purpose, Sheldon is too far away for me to repeat the experience in the future.

Private retreat November 2016

It is good to return to this special place and community. The course, Imaging God through Icons was led prayerfully by one who alleged not to be an expert but an enthusiast. That enthusiasm, steeped in an appreciation of the theological roots of the images and their historical context was truly enriching. The hospitality of the house was as ever warm and understated. I/we would have found our stay at Sheldon more useful/helpful/enjoyable if ... the course had perhaps had another two sessions, perhaps starting on the Tuesday afternoon / evening as there was so much to embrace. I will definitely be planning another visit to Mary & Martha either annually or bi-annually.

Imaging God Workshop, November 2016

The staff are amazing, helpful, supportive, professional and friendly. They create a 'safe' environment that restores the soul. The programme was perfectly balanced with spiritual rhythm, input and time to reflect, process and relax.  I have already recommended to friends that they should come.
I would like to say a specific thank you to Carl and John for leading through the week. For excellent support & encouragement on my journey. For Jan for giving me the best massage I've ever had. For reminding me to take care of my spiritual health as well as my emotional and spiritual well being. For amazing food - great recipes to take away! Well done Sheldon for your work and faithfulness to God. I'm looking forward to coming back.

Simply Sheldon Retreat, October 2016 

I liked the gentle pace and the variety of the sessions and having unplanned afternoons. Also the silent breakfasts, the poems at 5pm prayers and the bedtime stories at night prayers.

Simply Sheldon retreat, October 2016 

I know from previous stays at Sheldon (c 5 no.) just how valuable time spent there can be, particularly when one has been under pressure. For 12 months, 2015-16 it fell to me to oversee the upheaval necessitated by a major reordering project in my parish. Inevitably there have been difficulties, setbacks and tensions, as I imagine members of the Sheldon Community may have experienced from time to time in your building projects! These have taken their toll and the prospect of some time at Sheldon, prior to the beginning of Advent, helped to keep me going through a very busy Autumn. The weather was better than during any of my previous visits (I have never seen the R. Teign running so sluggishly!), I managed to catch up on some reading and make a start on my overdue Ministry Development Review. I enjoyed revisiting Brixham/Berry Head, Exeter and Bovey Tracey. I was made to realise that I may not be able to manage the hills locally much longer, although I very much enjoyed riding (well, pushing most of the way!) up to Blackingstone Rock, as well as the route 'over the top' to Bovey.  I find what you offer at Sheldon invaluable - the accommodation (together with so many thoughtful 'touches'), the food, the chapels, the daily rhythm of prayer, the opportunity to meet and mix with members of the Community here and there, the jacuzzi, the setting and more besides. I enjoyed going in to Exeter to attend the lunchtime Eucharist at the Cathedral on Wednesday but (as during my previous stay) I found it difficult trying to park (the Park and Ride was full). I imagine it might not be easy to arrange, but I will continue to return in the hope that, I might be lucky and find that there is to be a celebration of the Eucharist in the Chapel of Mary, Martha and Lazarus at some point during any future stay. That beautiful space appears - quite properly - to have been created as much to 'house' same, more than any other act of worship...

R5 November 2016

Beautiful setting. Real sense of the peace & presence of God. Ideal accommodation. Privacy protected. Community members very friendly, helpful, sensitive & discrete. Willing to have me stay at very short notice. Flexible private retreat programme. Good facilities and range of activities. Thoughtful provision of resources. Loved walking in the grounds both fields & woods. Private Linhay chapel a wonderful, prayerful space. 1:1 sessions extremely helpful. Recommend taxi service very good. I really didn't want to leave any negative feedback! Only one thing, the bed needs a mattress topper. I struggled to sleep most nights as it was just too hard [Webeditor: needs for mattress styles vary hugely - we have bed boards and mattress toppers available on request].  Would love to come back!

Private retreat September 2016

It was a very interesting and informative course. The other participants were supportive and helpful, and we formed a little community for the time of the course.  Karen led the course in a friendly and relaxed way, allowing the group to express themselves in body mind and spirit. I came home with lots to think about and ponder, and felt that I had grown in spiritual understanding.
I would have loved to stay longer and next time will attend from Sunday through to Friday - I hope. The grounds and accommodation were superb and I will return - hopefully to sample the Five Rs programme. I loved the atmosphere of Sheldon - and the food is wonderful and I loved the fact that the social rules were observed and people could just be themselves - out of role.

Enneagram workshop September 2016

Another great Sheldon family holiday - thank you to everyone on the team for making it happen. This is such a wonderful place. One of the things that makes this holiday so good is the flexibility & space - we can be together or alone or mix with others; we can stay in or go out or whatever. The evening activities this year were particularly good, especially the Bake Off.

Family Holiday Week August 2016

We were very warmly welcomed. The Pig Pen was so comfortable. It was so peaceful and every need was catered for. All is so very well organised and labelled. The volunteers were so kind, helpful and considerate. Nothing was too much trouble. Food was plentiful and delicious with enough choices available.
We wish there had been a table tennis table to play on!!
Thank you very much indeed for a wonderful holiday. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will highly recommend to others.

Family Holiday Week August 2016

I simply wanted to say a huge thank you for the R5 week which ended today. I have so enjoyed my stay which has come at a point of major transition in my own life. The setting, resources, wonderful food and gentle, inclusive hospitality, have all been first class. I am very grateful indeed and while the future is still full of huge questions, it has changed from being a place of dreary, life sapping responsibility to a place of 'dazzling darkness', which is thoroughly invitational. And that's fine. Thank you to the whole team who make Sheldon such a special place.

R5 June 2016

This is a peaceful place - organised, disciplined - like an ark, a place of safety and hope. I adore the little thatched chapel which is filled with all the prayers offered up between its walls - faith is not an easy place - but the chapel gives one courage. 

R5 July 2016

It's a beautiful place where the children easily made friends and were provided with fun and accessible activities to do with parents and other families - fabulous! The staff/volunteers made every effort to bless us with generosity and care so us to make us feel relaxed and spoilt. A wonderful place for a much needed break. Would have been better if (1) the bar had stayed open later [Webeditor: sorry, we're a small team and need our sleep between then and breakfast time!] (2) the mattress covers were less noisy [Webeditor: we've just bought a whole set of new ones we hope you will like better] (3) Perhaps there could have been a reminder during the week that people will miss out on the blessing (that experience of leaving it all behind for a week) that is available to them if they do talk about work and by not abiding by the house rule, others also miss out on that feeling of being totally away from it all [Webeditor: sorry - it's always such a delicate balancing act this one - when to guide, when to protect, when to police - we continue to try and improve ...]

Family holiday week August 2016

Here I find solitude that opens the door into my soul. The opportunity to be alone in community in the comfort and luxury of the Linhay nourishes body, mind and spirit in a unique way. Thank you Jan for all the delicious goodies, they have been a real treat. Thank you Sarah for making sense of my ramblings in so constructive a way. And thank you the whole Sheldon Community team who make this place what it is - a deeply rich blessing.

Linhay private retreat August 2016

The provision of such a peaceful and comfortable 'apartment' was a great blessing, leaving me free to come and go and do/not do whatever served my needs. The 1:1 and the massage were important contributions to my stay; I felt both heard and pampered! The estate, gardens, countryside are a touch of heaven, very thoughtful and generous provision in every way. Thanks be to God! The sense of quiet commitment in the Team renewed my sense of commitment ... though to exactly what remains a mystery! I am in God's 'waiting room' at the moment. I can't think of anything that would have improved my stay. The stocked larder was generous and prepared food a delight.

Hen Run private retreat July 2016

I simply wanted to say a huge thank you for the R5 week which ended today. I have so enjoyed my stay which has come at a point of major transition in my own life. The setting, resources, wonderful food and gentle, inclusive hospitality, have all been first class. I am very grateful indeed and while the future is still full of huge questions, it has changed from being a place of dreary, life sapping responsibility to a place of 'dazzling darkness', which is thoroughly invitational. And that's fine. Thank you to the whole team who make Sheldon such a special place.

R5 June 2016

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to you and all at Sheldon for making my brief stay this week possible and profitable. I feel so much better for having been there! Sheldon is clearly a special place, and I feel sure it will not be my last visit – I had a wonderful sense of being undisturbed and free from all expectations, yet cared for at the same time, and somehow safe and secure. I think this is a highly desirable atmosphere for a retreat house, but not necessarily easy to achieve! And I am especially grateful to you for fitting me in as you did – it really was a bit of a Godsend!

R5 June 2016

In a time of great stress, upheaval and difficulty I have found myself in an oasis of God's love, peace and enfolding presence. I have been treated with love, kindness and respect and have been given the resources to pick up the broken pieces and journey on with God. Every aspect of my stay has contributed to the deep healing I have found here in God's presence. Thank you all so much. 

Linhay Lodge May 2016

An excellent retreat leader (Margaret Silf). Beautiful surroundings, every comfort and consideration for one's wellbeing. plain and nutritional food. I also found your prayer times so moving and relevant. Would have liked a kettle and tray in each bedroom [webeditor - we are just trialling help yourself kits for hot drinks in bedrooms]

Led retreat May 2016

Wonderful space to be and pray. Amazing location with wonderful views of Dartmoor nearby. Good facilities and hospitality. Having the Sanctuary available for prayer. Good to be able to join in morning prayer. I can honestly say it was as near to perfect as possible! A really wonderful week. Thank you.

Private retreat May 2016

I should like to thank Hillary for welcoming me when I arrived, the people who'd prepared the delicious homemade food that I found in the fridge and cupboards, Jan for the marvellous massage, and Sarah for the 2 x 1:1 sessions, which have made a huge difference to 'where I am' on my journey.

Private retreat May 2016

The accommodation, food and bar were first class. The location was perfect. I was left alone to engage with as much or as little of the programme as I liked. I was challenged NOT to talk about work. All the workshops were right-brained stress-busters - excellent! Loved the simple liturgy. 

12,000-mile Service April 2016

The facilities are ideal for our group, much improved since our first visit. The gardens are fabulous with such an abundance of wild flowers in the woodland walk. The amphitheatre is a unique feature and we used the labyrinth for quiet prayer and contemplation as well as both the medieval and new chapels. It has been a perfect location for shared fellowship, reflection and spiritual refreshment. I cannot think how the Sheldon Centre could possibly be improved, it is a unique, peaceful and beautiful gem. My only suggestion is better signposting off the B3212. 

St Michael & All Angels Bedminster Parish weekend May 2016

The facilities were ideal - space, layout, access to grounds, chapel and labyrinth. Great kitchen/dining room. Lack of extraneous noise or too many people and respect for our silent periods. It all went very smoothly for which I, as a first time organiser, am hugely grateful!

Parish Quiet Day March 2016

Thank you so much for hosting our diocesan event over the past few days.Your hospitality was second to none, and really appreciated by all who attended. It was quite a "full on" event for us, but the peace surrounding you, not only the premises but also the people, was inspirational. Please pass my personal thanks to all who contributed to making this such a wonderful time; Thank you once again, and may the love of God continue to inspire you.

Monmouth Diocesan Senior Staff team April 2016

The community did exactly what they promised for my R5 week, i.e. we could do exactly as we wished while they kept us deliciously and amply fed and watered. The opening of the Fat Pigeon (bar) for the half-hour before the evening meal was a pleasurable bonus. The sensitivity of the community and members towards my mobility difficulties – from accommodation in the pigpen nearest the dining room and cider press with facilities for disabled people – to the carrying of stuff for me when needed was heartwarming. I've been to Sheldon several times before for different events and the quality of care is undiminished, 5 stars.

R5 April 2016

I knew no-one would come calling and I wasn't accessible by phone or email unless I chose to be. I always enjoy having someone else planning meals and the larder stock was LOVELY- thank you. The fish pie, ready thawed for the first evening filled a very hungry place. Both body and mind could start to relax knowing there was nothing I had to do.

Private retreat March 2016

As usual, I was very comfortable, well-fed, and able to unwind into prayer and reflection (and also quite a lot of sleep). I was squeezed into an already full retreat on the condition that I'd accept a very small room, which would not otherwise have been used. Lovely though the more spacious accommodation is, this one was perfectly adequate for my needs and included an en-suite. I made good use of the Quiet Room, the chapels, and the grounds - excellent weather being a bonus. The highlight this time was afternoon Community Prayers. I found the very simple format and the extended corporate silence enormously helpful. I liked the opportunity to talk with other retreatants during supper and in the bar beforehand, whilst also observing silence for the rest of the time. I returned with quite a bit of food for thought, and in addition did some creative writing for which I'd been wanting time and space. The rhubarb and orange meringue was out of this world!

Led retreat March 2016

At very short notice you found a space for me (thank you!) In the 48 hours I was there, what came across so clearly was your vision, God's ongoing provision, and your unity of purpose. That struck a chord with me as it clarified what matters to me as I considered and prayed through my current circumstances. The atmosphere gave me the answer I was looking for - or rather, the direction. Thank you again. What can I say? It was just right.

Private retreat, March 2016

.. the comfort and level of service within the accommodation were excellent. The beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings allowed us to focus calmly and in depth on ourselves and our next steps in life. Getting away from our busy schedules, communicating with like minded people in informal settings and enjoying healthy food and fresh air was just what we needed.

Catered group - 12 step retreat - spring 2016

I felt lovingly "held" in safety by the Community, the buildings, the place, the food etc, long enough to feel human again. I arrived feeling extremely low and left more able to face a challenging situation. 1:1 was invaluable.

R5 April 2016

I needed space, rest and a chance to come to terms with a bereavement - not why I expected I was coming! This is a very safe space to let go. Thank you. Food was superb.

Private retreat April 2016

This has been really helpful as part of the process of returning to work after a period of depression. I appreciated the quiet, but also shared time for meals. Having been here a number of years ago I know I had to come at this time - not disappointed! The Long Barn - just so comfortable - room was excellent with great views.

R5 April 2016

Perfect balance of comfort and privacy. Very spacious and the prayer meetings made me feel connected to everyone else that was here. The grounds were beautiful and Pig Pen very high standard for a retreat. I loved it.

Private retreat April 2016

Space, peace, time out, no demands, unconditional love ... love the library, the Sanctuary, the seat at the top of 10 acre field. Also like the walk monitor system - would be concerned about going off into the country if no-one knew where I was going. V. grateful you accommodated my diet.

Private retreat April 2016

I could get away from everything. I have been in a blissful bubble, out of time, and expect to return to everyday life with renewed enthusiasm. Thank you.

Private retreat March 2016. 

There were no expectations or demands. I was able to take things at my own pace. I found a wonderful book in the library which really spoke to me. I'd thoroughly recommend the Jacuzzi and massage - absolute bliss. The staff are warm and friendly and nothing was any trouble. My 1:1 sessions helped to clarify my thinking and gave me confidence to commit to an important decision about my future. I have been blessed indeed.

Private retreat Mar 2016

I arrived here not knowing what I would find and in my emptiness found what I most needed; a place of welcome gently offered, a space to relax, sleep, reflect, but be. And what a congenial space! Hospitality simply and practically stated, the wonderful home-made food and the 'extras' (Christmas cake on arrival!) which speak volumes. Sharing in prayers with you and the beautiful simplicity of the Candlemas vigil with its invitation to trust and bear the light. I feel blessed and restored. At the beginning of a lengthy 'time out' Sheldon has been the best possible start. You have achieved here what, in my experience, is rare: a high standard of professionalism combined with a deep level of caring - based of course on your long experience. My only regret is that it has taken so long for me to find you.

Private retreat in Hen Run Feb 2016

It was so good knowing there was to be no 'shop talk'. Hobbies and interests made for much better conversation than clerical gripes! One-to-one time was really valuable and my mentor and I were a great 'fit'. The healing Eucharist to conclude the week had a very special atmosphere. The two workshops I attended, though very different, gave me food for contemplation as well as enjoyment. Praise of the highest order for the volunteers. A huge thank you to all.

12,000-mile Service January 2016

We have just returned from our first visit to Sheldon and would like to thank you all for making our time with you so special. It was lovely to be looked after and given space as well. The room was super, the grounds and houses etc so welcoming and the food really delicious. A very special thank you to the person who catered so imaginatively for us. It really seemed that nothing was too much trouble. We hope to return again soon.

R5 February 2016

As always the space that the community creates enables a deep listening to God and a wonderful chance to refresh and renew oneself. The accommodation, grounds and location are amazing. Nobody hassles you and you are left to 'be' before God. My wife and I went on retreat together and the fantastic space allowed us to spend some great time together as husband and wife. Thank you. Only one tiny would be nice to have a proper oven in the Linhay Lodge we stayed in. It was difficult to cook some of the meals we had planned to make.

Private retreat in Lodge February 2016

Brilliant retreat. Ian and Gail led it so sensitively and well. Well paced, creative and with depth. Thank you so much. Gorgeous place - fantastic scenery. Uninterrupted views of hills in every direction. A taste of heaven, thank you. V. comfortable bedrooms too, and good to have art box. (nice if mobile signal was better - but maybe it's good to be offline too.)

Unfurling retreat led by Ian and Gail Adams August 2015

Without the distractions of life we were able to focus on reading and reflecting and connecting with God. The accommodation is comfortable and well presented. The picture window and the live action entertainment from the birds a real bonus. You can feel that this is a place dedicated to service and prayer and it is a delight and privilege to be ministered to in this way. 

Linhay Lodge private retreat August 2015

I was left alone! This is fantastic! I could do whatever I liked and nobody bothered me at all from dawn to dusk! I had a restful, interesting, active, varied retreat. The Ark had everything I needed and no extra fuss. Stocked larder = 110%! Felt a perfect balance of security and being cared about with no sense at all of pressure, judgement or the need to justify or explain what I was doing (really welcome as an antidote to theological college this past year which is the other way round). Will recommend Sheldon to my fellow ordinands. 

Private retreat August 2015

The generosity of Sheldon - care, concern, comfort, attention to detail, food, listening and therapy - was an enormous blessing at a very difficult time. It was an experience of Christ-like love and acceptance. Thank you all. The peace and beauty of the place itself was the start of a healing process. 

Private retreat July 2015

We found the freedom for our children in Sheldon great for them to explore their own personal space along with the sense of safety, especially for our Autistic son who felt fully accepted and made lots of new friends, both young and old. He was able to do lots on his own which gave us as parents space and much-needed time together. All the evening activities have been great for all ages - there if you wanted to join in, or watch alongside, or just dip in and out. Both our children have been off and joining in with their new friends. We are sad that the week i over but we will definitely be back next year and we are all looking forward to it. 

Family holiday week August 2015

You took me in at short notice as a shaky heap and gave me a safe space in which to begin recovery. Your wrap around hospitality and wisdom gave me much space and time and was unobtrusive. Thank you so much for the peanuts for the birds which enabled me to begin to rest while doing nothing - sounds easy but was incredibly difficult. THANK YOU!

Private retreat July 2015

We were able to have lots of space in a very comfortable and beautiful place. The Lodge was perfect for us with a high level of comfort. The immediate environment of the gardens, the views and walks nearby all helped us to relax and begin to have a restored perspective. We feel rested and refreshed. Thank you for all that you offer. 

Private retreat July 2015

Everything was just so right. The accommodation was so welcoming - I loved my Pig Pen! The food was excellent and as much as you wanted. Lovely little touches like flowers on the dining room table. There is a real sense of prayer here, and of being held by the community. Both chapels are wonderful places to pray alone, and to worship together. The grounds are wonderful - plenty of space to wander, and I love the stopping places and benches. You can see how well the land is tended - and the rare breed sheep - fantastic! Emma's talks were wonderful - thoughtful, reflective and so practical and affirming. Along with the community it really felt as if we were held by her in prayer. The Eucharists were truly special. Thank you Emma for all your care and work on our behalf and thank you to the Sheldon Community for creating this place and making us feel welcome but not swamped. Space for God to work! May God bless you in this vital, truly gifted ministry. 

Retreat led by Emma Percy July 2015

Sheldon provides a much appreciated haven. The landscape, hospitality and input is exceptional. The chapel and opportunity for restorative worship is life giving. One's needs are met unobtrusively with loving thoughtfulness going on behind the scenes. There is a lack of earnestness & intensity which is refreshing. Simply, this place and its community enable me to have space to breathe and be myself in a busy life. Thanks be to God. Thank you so much to all your team for your quiet and very beautiful ministry. A bit of "thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven". Bless you all. 

Retreat led by Emma Percy

Once again, thank you so much for all you and the Sheldon community have done for me - I can not thank you enough for your incredible generosity and hospitality and how much this has helped keep me sane when I had used up all my resources to carry on.

Private retreat June 2015

It provided much needed breathing space. I was able to escape and just be. The booking, the stay - everything - was just so straightforward. The light-touch approach was definitely right for me - I felt extremely well looked after and upheld in prayer but without any pressure to be at anything or do anything. The stocked larder, 1-2-1 time and massage were real gifts and blessings to me and facilitated my re-equilibrating (if that's a word!) and meant that I really made the most of my retreat to rest and recuperate after a difficult year or so. I loved not having to speak to another human being and everything being on my terms, especially after a year when life has felt overwhelming and I've felt rather out of control of everything! And I loved the lambs! Thank you Sheldon!

Private retreat May 2015

Please be assured of our grateful thanks and our prayers for your community. We much appreciate all the opportunities we have had to share your very special home.

Dursley Tabernacle church weekend June 2015

The location and quality of the accommodation together with the warmth of the welcome and the discreet but practical nature of the community enabled us to find real rest and peace.  God bless.

Private Retreat in a Linhay Lodge. March 2015

It was great to be looked after so well, so quietly and unobtrusively and the accommodation was superb.  Just the rest and relaxation we needed, and at short notice too.  Many, many thanks.  It would be good if you could produce a recipe book for all the pre-prepared meals, which we loved.

Private Retreat in a Linhay Lodge. March 2015

The accommodation and site is impeccable, friendly people but not 'in your face', beautiful location. The facilities were perfect for what I needed; other areas - Sanctuary, library were excellent too. Local walks and further afield were most enjoyable and thanks for arranging a couple of sunny afternoons! I shall definitely be back and will recommend to friends/church.  Thanks!!  These are silly things really, but could be useful, - just suggestions rather than niggles! - Be useful to know ahead what mobile phone networks do work here! I brought an extra SIM card so I didn't have to use regular phone (02), but not very good coverage. - Next time I shall book a room with a double bed - I'm a big chap and regular single beds are only just adequate, I fell out a couple of times! Nothing you could do about this, I just need to think ahead!  Thanks again - every blessing.

Clergy Private Retreat, Hen Run. March 2015.

I had the peace and quiet I needed to focus on my studies and I enjoyed the grounds and beautiful scenery which brought me closer to God.  Sheldon has been a wonderful home from home.

Private retreat in Linhay Lodge. March 2015

It was an opportunity to stop and relax in the midst of a time of re-organisation for self and a relative for whom I have a carer responsibility. Sheldon is a relaxed space where I always find peace whatever is going on in life.  The retreat was challenging but in a very gentle way.  The usual excellent hospitality helped a lot!  I can't think of anything that would have improved it.

Journey Home Retreat led by Simon Parke. March 2015

A warm welcome.  The loving care given for individual needs  giving a feeling of home from home.  The beautiful surroundings and spiritual feel to Sheldon enhanced our retreat considerably.  One suggestion made was a larger shower curtain in the wet rooms may prevent the floors getting quite so wet, or the provision of a cloth/mop so the the room can be tidied for you.  

Womens' 12  Step Retreat. March 2015

Comfortable, warm surroundings. Well-equipped kitchen. Beautiful grounds. Peaceful chapel. Everyone found the day relaxing and refreshing. No improvements necessary!

Exeter Diocese Spiritual Directors self-catering Quiet Day.

Wonderful setting, warm but discreet hospitality, v. comfortable rooms, space to be me with God. Lovely food. Input from Ian was excellent. (I'm being picky now but a kettle to make drinks in the room would be perfect, and slightly stronger coffee in the dining room).

Streams of Light retreat led by Ian Adams, December 2014

There is such a sense of peace and being held by the Community. The retreat was led so sensitively and the Community hold us in that way as well. My dietary requirements were catered for superbly. I am so very grateful to you for this gift of space enabling me to 'come away to quiet place and find rest'.

Streams of Light retreat led by Ian Adams, December 2014

Peace, relaxation, beautiful surroundings, we were left to 'be'. It was all as good as it could be!

Cell group, November 2014

The time was entirely my own and I was left in peace. All encounters with the Community were warm and helpful. The estate was a joy to walk in, the chapels were beautiful spaces for prayer and meditation and my 'larder' was well stocked with delightful fayre. Thank you. (Perhaps a more focused evening prayer in the main chapel would be helpful?)

Private retreat in Linhay Lodge November 2014

On behalf of everyone at Exeter YMCA I would like to express my sincere thanks for allowing us to hold our annual staff conference at Sheldon once again. Our staff greatly appreciated the time they were able to spend at your centre and really enjoyed the wonderful facilities and high standard of accommodation available, saying nothing of the beautiful surroundings and grounds. We felt it was a really successful time away from our usual interaction in the workplace and it was a really good time for us to socialise and have fellowship and we have come back feeling refreshed. 

Self-catering weekend November 2014

Having chosen to live as a 'hermit' for 3 days nothing prevented me from doing so! Warm, cosy, clean, excellent shower and hot water provision, tasty and convenient food, comfortable bed. (I would have appreciated a small table between the armchairs to place my tea/coffee/book while watching the birds and the rain. 

Private retreat in Hen Run November 2014

A place of peace and quiet, where there are no interruptions, everything is thought of for you. A place of peace for the mind and body. A still pool to float in before launching back into the torrent. Thank you. 

Private retreat in Linhay Lodge November 2014

Everyone was so caring. The room was lovely : spacious, private, clean, enjoyable with a balcony, en-suite with lovely shower. The little kindnesses from staff were great. The gluten-free food was very good: so nice to be treated 'normally' and not 'odd'. The general environment was great. All the rooms & facilities & the woodland & walks too. The workshops were very good : enlightening & fun as well as serious & thought-provoking. The 1:1s were invaluable and helped our decision-making enormously. The house rule of 'no clergy shop talk' was a mystery to us at first - how do we do this? But actually it removed so much stress and relieved pressure. Thank you. 

12,000-mile Service week, November 2014

Sheldon - the Community, volunteers and the environment - continues to impress with its care, peace, tranquillity, attention to detail and high quality. This provides a much needed space in a very busy time as a parish priest and as our personal life has also been stressful with moving house. 

12,000-mile Service week, November 2014