Disability access and special needs

Please give us ring us on 01647-252752 to discuss any special needs in connection with your booking. Always happy to help. 


The good points

  • A step-free concrete path runs from a concrete parking pad behind the Long Barn, past the Pig Pens and round the Pound House  to the main carpark.
  • The downstairs of the Long Barn is fully accessible for wheelchairs, including a toilet.
  • Tamworth Pig Pen is a fully accessible ground floor unit of accommodation with wet room and easy access to the Pound House and Long Barn.
  • The two other Pig Pens also offer step free accommodation but with low rise shower cubicles not wet rooms.
  • The upstairs chapel has a stair lift.
  • The Pound House is wheelchair accessible for the Dining Room and Cider Press, but wheelchair users need to go outside and back in to access the toilet (steps in the corridor).
  • Stephen's Lodge has a level concrete path from a gravelled parking area. It is fully accessible inside. The wet room has grab rails and a shower seat. Doors are all 3' wide, switches are low and sockets high. The bedroom has a ceiling lift to enable transfer from bed to (for example) wheelchair.

The challenges

  • At some points the main path connecting the rear of the buildings is steeper than 1:12.
  • On the other side of the main buildings, paths are gravelled.
  • The medieval chapel has steps with a handrail but no ramp.
  • The Library is ground floor but the access path is gravelled.

Hearing loops

  • The upstairs chapel has a hearing loop with one microphone positioned above the altar and the other to the side near where service leaders normally sit.
  • Both rooms in the Long Barn have hearing loops with the microphones positioned in the centre of the ceilings.
  • The installed loop systems are permanently on - please tell us if they are not functioning correctly.
  • We also have a portable loop with microphone and "necklace" receiver - this is available to borrow from reception.

Special diets

  • The Housekeeping team are very experienced at catering for special diets. 
  • Please make sure you give us full details at least 2 weeks before your arrival. 
  • Please read our catering and special diet page.

Assistance Dogs

  • Assistance dogs for guests with sight or hearing impairments are very welcome.
  • Please be sure to tell us in advance so we can make sure we allocate suitable accommodation for you. 


  • If you wish to bring a carer with you please discuss the options with us. None of our options are perfect but we have various possiblities that might work for you depending on how nearby you wish to be and what your mobility needs are.