Support sessions (phone/video)

We're pleased to be offering 1:1 sessions for people in ministry remotely while Sheldon is closed during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

The arrangements are as follows

  • To make an appointment please email or phone 01647-252752. We're happy to have a brief initial conversation to check if what we have to offer is what you need. 
  • Formal appointments can be for half an hour or one hour
  • You can choose between telephone, Skype or Zoom - whichever you prefer
  • We would appreciate contributions at our normal rate of £54.40/hour or £30/half hour (no income from residential bookings at the moment ...)
  • We will set up a 'booking' for the 1:1 session in our normal system and send you a confirmation email which includes a link for paying through our website, or you can make card payment by phone.
  • Our normal working hours are currently 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

We are seeing this 'remote' resource as a direct and temporary replacement for the type of work we normally do with guests at Sheldon. In other words short term, focused support which can be a single session or a handful of sessions responding to current needs. We don't generally offer long term/regular counselling. 

If you're not already a member, we would also encourage you to join the Sheldon Hub where there is good mutual support online and a wealth of useful resources being shared.