The Sheldon Community is here to offer good space for you.
Specialist resources for people in ministry. Plenty more open to everyone.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Retreats 2015/2016

Full event listings for 2016 now posted. Browse our site,  give us a ring. Print version available in December. Some 2015 places still available too.

About Us

We're an open and welcoming retreat house run by a Christian Community with a specialist care for people in ministry. More ...

Guest Feedback

"I leave feeling rested, cared for and valued. The peace and the environment are restful. You have a great setup - it doesn't need changing!"

"I love your House Rules! So nice to get to know the real me again."

"... a lack of earnestness & intensity which is refreshing"

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Healthy Ministry

Doing Healthy Ministry Together. An exciting new national collaborative project getting under way ...

Clergy Forum live

A mutual support resource. Come and join the conversations. It's free and confidential for you.

Christmas Baking

Time to order your Christmas cakes and puddings being freshly baked in Martha's Kitchen