The Sheldon Community is here to offer good space for you.
Specialist resources for people in ministry. Plenty more open to everyone.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Retreats 2016

For full event listings for 2016, browse our site or ask us for a printed brochure. Always happy to discuss what you need. 

About Us

We're an open and welcoming retreat house run by a Christian Community with a specialist care for people in ministry ...

Guest Feedback

"I leave feeling rested, cared for and valued. The peace and the environment are restful. You have a great setup - it doesn't need changing!"

"I love your House Rules! So nice to get to know the real me again."

"... a lack of earnestness & intensity which is refreshing"

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Healthy Ministry

Doing Healthy Ministry Together. An exciting new national collaborative project getting under way ...

Clergy Forum

A mutual support resource. Come and join the conversations. It's free and confidential for you.

Meet Fred

"Fred" has been getting up to mischief in recent weeks. Find him on our Facebook and Twitter pages.