Sheldon and Coronavirus : FAQs re Covid-19

Last updated 12th April

We are now fully open for private retreats.

Led retreats, R5 weeks and clergy family holiday weeks for May to August are now posted.  

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(The Association for Promoting Retreats is offering NHS bursaries)

Details of our cleaning/changeover routines.

Private retreats

The minimum stay length is 3 nights for Hen Runs and Pig Pens and 5 nights for Linhay Lodges. We are not guaranteeing any category of accommodation so if you book a Lodge you need to be willing to take a Hen Run or Pig Pen instead This is to allow time for quarantining rooms and cleaning fully between bookings.

Programme events

  • With 2m distancing we can provide meeting and meals for groups of up to 11 people indoors (a few more if it includes 'bubble couples' who can sit together) and room for more once the marquee goes up for the summer. 
  • Our current listings are here.
  • If there is any doubt about the viability of an event, we will consult with participants 2 weeks in advance.
  • Details of how we manage shared meals

Cell groups, etc

Until the larger group bookings return we have space that can work really well for small groups. Each of the three options comprises 4 or 5 bedrooms with its own large meeting room and kitchen. You could book one of these as a socially distanced cell group or an extended household bubble for example. 


We have updated our arrangements for cancellations in the light of the uncertainties we all now have to manage. We want you to have the confidence to make a booking while having a reasonable framework for flexibility where needed.

Keeping Sheldon as safe as possible for those most at risk ...

Although the vaccine roll-out continues apace we are very aware that our younger guests won't be vaccinated yet, and many of our guests have underlying health problems or live with someone who is vulnerable. The safety of all of us continues to depend on all of us being willing to take the additional precautions to keep each other safe.

Our attitude is generally a cautious one and we are currently planning all events through the summer on the basis of continued distancing and mask wearing.

On arrival there will be a welcome pack in your room with everything you need to know to help your stay go well.

  • 2m distancing  
  • Facemask  for everyone in reception, chapel and indoor meetings, queuing for meals/bar and any other shared indoor spaces (you can buy ours when you're here or bring your own with you)

Food and drink

  • The Dining Room in the Pound House has a ventilation/extractor fan which is on at all times
  • Sliding doors along the length of the room also kept ajar (when cold) or open (when hot) for air circulation
  • Portable UVC-sanitiser unit
  • Full details of serving meals here

In Reception

  • You will be given an email address and dedicated telephone number for contacting us during your stay to reduce the need to come to reception in person
  • One guest/household at a time, and 'overflow' space in adjacent room if needed

Community prayers

  • Numbers limited, service books provided for the duration of your stay and sign up in advance for a space
  • Everyone wears a facemask (except optional for the leader)
  • We never sing anyway ...

Indoor group meetings

  • Seats spaced out for 2m distancing - use the same seat each time
  • Everyone wears a facemask (but optional for the leader in consultation with the group)
  • Excellent natural ventilation in the main meeting room, plus UVC air sanitiser (sorry, it is a little bit louder than ideal - let us know in advance if you are hard of hearing so we can arrange seating accordingly)

1:1 sessions

  • Held in the largest and best-ventilated room available at the time - we may want to have a door/window open so wear enough to be warm
  • Presumption of wearing masks, but can be dispensed with if both parties agree that other mitigations suffice

Shared spaces (Chapel, Library, Art Shed, Guest kitchens)

  • Responsible routine hand wash/gel by everyone
  • Limit numbers according to signage to maintain distance

In case of illness

Please do not travel if you are unwell or self-isolating. If you become unwell during your stay please stay in your room and telephone us for instruction. If you are well enough to drive home we will refund 50% of the balance of your stay.

January 2021: 3 minute tour to show how we're managing ventilation and air quality