Sheldon and Coronavirus : FAQs re Covid-19

Last updated 26th May

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Private retreats

We are open to the possiblity of exploring provisional bookings for limited private retreats from early June onwards. Our understanding is that essential travel is permitted for health reasons. Our style has never been to be explicit in these matters, but a high proportion of of our private retreat bookings in 'normal' times are taken for reasons of convalesence or mental or physical ill health, so these will continue to be given priority. Clergy and ministers in many denominations are required to take retreats as part of their working role, so it may be that some travel distances for this would also be acceptable before too long. Government guidance may change or be clarified as the situation changes, or our interpretation may be updated.

Full details of our safety precautions.

There are no group or programme bookings at Sheldon so the place is even quieter than usual. 

Cell groups, etc

Looking further ahead, we have space that works really well for small cell groups of 3 - 5 people. There are 3 units (Pound House and 2 separate halves of the Long Barn) each comprising 4 or 5 bedrooms with their own large meeting room and a private kitchen. This would work well for small groups who are maintaining 2m distancing, and also for small 'social bubbles' such as 2 families looking for somewhere to holiday together.

Programme events

  • We have assessed that we can provide meeting and meals for small groups of up to 10 people with full 2m distancing. 
  • We are assessing and consulting on each event about 2 months in advance
  • Our full listings page will show you which events are still in the calendar.
  • The next led retreat is one by Margaret Silf starting on 16th August. If you might be interested for this (or any autumn events) then contact us to go on the consultation/waiting lists.


We have updated our arrangements for cancellations in the light of the uncertainties we now have to manage.

Support sessions (phone/video)

As a temporary measure we are offering 1:1 support sessions by phone or video. Details can be found here