Sheldon and Coronavirus : FAQs re Covid-19

26th March

Sheldon is closed to guests with Community still living here, looking after the place and each other, and catching up on behind the scenes work. 

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What is the financial situation when bookings are cancelled?

We understand that most if not all losses will be uninsured and we are working out between us how to share the financial pain and see all of us through to better days. Our starting point is as follows.

Sheldon's primary vocation is to support people in ministry at times of stress or crisis. We know these will be testing days for all in ministry. For this reason we are offering full refunds to people in ministry where we are cancelling an event or where you need to cancel a private retreat. If you are in a position to waive some of the refund to support Sheldon we would be very grateful.

For all other bookings for groups and individuals we are suggesting either a 50% credit or a 25% refund as a starting point for a conversation. We appreciate not everyone will be able to do as much, but really appreciate those who have been able to be generous so far. 

We're very happy to be getting dates in the diary for next year and hope to see you back again as soon as possible.

What about the future?

Watch this space. We will re-open just as soon as we can. We plan to review at the end of each month. In the meantime we're looking to put together a really good programme for next year, and maybe add to this autumn, so you have something to look forward to.